Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blueberries from Sally's . . .

We loaded up the kids and our friends this past Friday and headed out early(8 a.m. IS early when eight children are involved!)to "the country" in Mississippi for a day of blueberry picking-and-eating . . .it was a HOT day, and the kids were so excited. I think everyone had a good time--some surprising themselves, even.

For a little while, all seven of the pickers were putting as many in their mouths as they were into the buckets, then they did pick a few to bring home before the sun wore off their enthusiasm.

Later, they had a big time rolling down the hill by the blueberry bushes, riding bikes down the big hill out front, chasing the dogs around the yard, and playing in the wading pool(what squealing!). A few pictures taken right after we arrived.

For the afternoon the camera stayed in its bag because the Mississippi heat had us all lulled into a deep semi-stupor punctuated by requests for something to eat or drink, or telling kids to just "SIT in the SHADE for a FEW MINUTES, PLEASE!"
I think the one regret was that neither of us homeschooling Moms remembered to bring the classic Blueberries for Sal along for the day. It surely would have been a fun read, but isn't it appropriate that my Mom is Sally?
We admired Dad's garden, made ice cream and blueberry crumble, had dinner with Mom and Dad, and headed home LATE--arriving around eleven p.m.

What a day.
Many fun memories.

See y'all later!

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Allison said...

What great memories we have from that day. We had so much fun. The children are hooked on "the country". The only thing is that we didn't take a family group pic. Awwww... I guess we need to go back. ;)
love you