Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Few Short Moments

Wow. Home alone on a weeknight. How did this happen? Hubby had a meeting at church and took C with him. J, the Boy, and the Redhead are all with grandparents at VBS this week. What wonderful QUIET!

Of course the deluge of questions as to "what to do" comes up. I guess posting made the top of the list--right after reviewing the pictures I took yesterday evening while just J and I were home(she's had swimmer's ear all week--BAD STUFF!). The sunset was grand--sky painted in bands of color like we really don't get to enjoy here very often. It was pretty despite the trees blocking the way, and the light was just perfect for some twilight photography of my flowers.

We don't have many flowers yet, as a matter of fact, but I am thoroughly enjoying my front flower bed's development from a wish to a reality this year. My roses and daisies are certainly showing off--and with the true heat of summer coming on, I need to enjoy them now. They usually come back in the fall, but summer here is anything but lush. It's just HOT.

It's been a very hard and tiring week. The kids coming in late from Bible School have made it hard to settle down in the evenings; last night they were in bed at 10:30. Not good when hubby has to leave for work so early. We've all been tired and, dare I say, a bit whiny this week...

But all that aside, for now it's great to be alone. I did get some good things done today, work and play, and I will enjoy those small accomplishments along with the quiet until they all get home, and then I will listen hopefully patiently while I hear of the evening's adventures. I sure do hope C finds a birdcage at that sale this weekend. It would make her day.

I'm so glad J felt good enough to go tonight. Worse than knowing she was hurting was dealing with her tender heart and the disappointment of not getting to do what she had so anticipated. She's a sweetie.

Maybe I'll be able to post those pictures of my flowers soon. I will have to learn how!
p.s. i promise the pictures were made yesterday, not in February! i always forget to set the date stamp on my camera!


Allison said...

Your sweet spirit is evident even online. I love you. What a gift you are. Hugs my bloggy best friend

Allison said...

Love the name of the blog. So Creative and godly. You are great. I LOVE reading your words.