Sunday, June 14, 2009

What do you DO with a cat that sleeps in an aquarium?

This dear and crazy creature--Anonymous, her given name, "Annie" for affectionate purrr-poses(sorry, couldn't resist!), has taken a liking to a cracked 10 gallon that my daughter put out on the screened porch. We went out the day after it was put there and she was sleeping in it. See the sleepy eyes?

Now C says that it's kind of odd to say "we give our cat her water in a bowl and her food in an aquarium". I can think of many things we do that are more odd, but she's twelve and likes to juxtapose. Annie had just better hope we don't decide to put an outside aquarium with fish on "her" porch--the Royal Highness' palace, I mean. She enjoys the occasional roll in the dirt but despises a bath(don't most cats?). C also LOVES to bathe the cat. These contradictions are what keep life interesting. . . .or at least complicated.

Annie was a "gift" from a new (at the time--now quite dear)family of friends whose Mom is allergic to cats. Annie showed up as a TEENY TINY kitten on their front porch(good thing since they have two BIG dogs in the back yard), and has taken to the high life like, well, a fish to water! She was the ugliest little critter with gremlin-ears and big feet, and now with the shiny coat and at a whopping five pounds, she's the apple of the Redhead's eye, *sigh* and she has made MY PORCH her home, steadfastly refusing to use the cat door--I suppose she fears mussing her perfectly groomed whiskers with such base activity, preferring to use it ONLY when we push it open for her. She is actually what we around here affectionately call "Rotten".

She and the Redhead are MUCH alike.

Here she is in her Halloween costume last year--looking thrilled, I might add.

There are many other animals in our lives--some of particular interest to Queen Ann--the birds, for instance!

We currently have four birds--parakeets Bluebell, Taylor, and Bessie, and a cockatiel named Noname
(/no-nah-mee/ is the pronunciation. Yes, we are ODD!). One day last summer the birds were having some time in the fresh air and they had a visitor. . .

Can't you just imagine the queenie cat saying,
"Yes, dearies, I simply MUST have you over for tea....and sweets"?
love and laughter to you all--

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