Thursday, July 9, 2009

Controlled Chaos

The girls are having a garage sale, Friday.
They have been preparing for it ALL WEEK. Their mother(oh wait, that's ME!) is tired and totally bewildered by the clutter that has spilled out of their rooms and our cabinets and closets to be put on display early in the morning for total strangers to come by and toss pennies into a hat over, as it were. Not that the clutter is worth anything, but there is something so pathetic over having so much STUFF that one is willing to sell something for a price that almost pays the buyer to take it away.

But, they are excited about making some pocket cash. I hope they're successful. Their ownership of the project this week has been quite amazing. C has been a real trooper this week, working hard on sorting and making signs; the Redhead has been telling everyone what to do when C lets up, and poor J has been right in the thick of it, making peace where possible and doing probably more work than the other two combined--I told them this is THEIR deal, not mine. I swore two years ago "never again" and intend to keep that promise!

I think it was likely worth the downstairs clutter for a week to get them to willingly part with some things from their rooms. They have all inherited my love of objects, unfortunately(except for J who is so much like her father in temperament), which makes getting rid of anything a nearly painful process. We just want to be sure stuff goes to "good homes", you know? ;-)

All that said, it has been nearly too hot to function lately. We have stayed in as much as possible, venturing out only on necessity or by cover of dusk. The dog and cat spend their days sprawled in some shady spot, sleeping. Lethargy has set in everywhere. Tomorrow will be hot too. I am wondering how that will affect the kids' morale.

I'll let you know how the sale goes, then I want to get some decent pictures of my newly rearranged downstairs to post--I think we may have finally found the "flow" that works in this house--MUCH to my husband's relief. Not to say I'll never move furniture again; such a vow would be ridiculous. . . however, one can hope it won't be so PRESSING a desire as I've been experiencing with it in the past several months. We have moved SOMETHING heavy nearly every weekend since before Easter! At this point I am excited about relocating wall art and doing some slight "redecorating" that way--and I want to work on my "dollhouse".

See ya later!


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