Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh dear, what can the matter be????

Wow. We had an unexpected whirwind of a weekend. The kids' garage sale went okay on Friday--we had a lot of fun with our friends who came to help. The kids played hard and maintained their excitement despite the glaring lack of "customers"; my father-in-law observed that it was an ingenious way to keep the kids busy while the moms visited. . . .he is always good at seeing the profit in an endeavor.

The day ended well, though we were all quite tired from the heat, and around five p.m. J began complaining that her tummy was sore. I, being the non-compassionate mother I am, thought it was just the result of her many wheelies on the bike and scooter during the day, but MY mother, being the wise woman that SHE is, said "It sounds just like appendicitis to me."(Hers ruptured when she was J's age.) I am glad Mom was here to say that to me, or it might not have turned out quite so well.

Short story: it WAS appendicitis. J went into surgery at 9:30 Saturday night and came home from the hospital yesterday around 5:00. She is resting well and eating well, and will probably be asking to ride the scooter again by the end of the week. . . .

So I suppose all's well that ends well.
It was apparent through the weekend at the hospital just how blessed we are. First, my Mom was here to help with kids, and my in-laws were available too, so we didn't have to worry about "what to do?" with the other three while we took J to the emergency room. We had six friends from church, two sets of other friends, and my mother who were all there during the surgery--at ten o'clock on a Saturday evening. I was amazed. The nurses who served us were also just all top-notch--cheerful, helpful, friendly. Wow.

We are thankful it is well, and that J will BE well, or as my brother says, "It's all good."
God is good. Life is precious.
Go hug those you love. And be thankful.


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