Friday, August 28, 2009

Fourteen on Friday!

Here we go again with the madness:
Thirteen on Thursday, for Friday morning because I ended up with Fourteen on the list!

1. Barry, my husband and such a
2. Blessing! I am thankful!
3. Brennan, or the "little b" as I sometimes refer to him
4. Brain dead--the way I feel this time of the afternoon without caffeine
5. B-I-B-L-E, that's the
6. Book for me!!!!!
7. Bribery--something all children can make a perfectly rational adult resort to in certain situations.
8. "Because--I said so." Does not work so well on my kids anymore!
9. Bonnie. A sweet friend of mine.
10. Bonnets--something I wish women were still able to enjoy wearing!
12. Bugs. I could live without them, theoretically.
13. Bumps and Bruises-my kids have quite a collection of them at any given time--resulting in too many Band-aids!(there, that was fourteen!!!!) Maybe I should post this on Friday!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

confessions . . . .

ok, i have to say this. it's kind of embarrassing, but nonetheless i must admit:

i get SO weak in the knees at the sight of a really good BOOK list!

currently i am curriculum planning for our next school year(which begins in january 2010), and the sight of all those LISTS of BOOKS has just got me all wobbly inside. i love reading. i love that my kids love reading, and i wish wish wish there were more moments FOR reading in life.


it makes me sad to think that some(especially children) just don't understand the love of books--good books, old books, really RICH books that contain much of our heritage and nuggets of insight into our humanity, gems of wisdom to take away and treasure for a long time, to consume and make part of oneself . . .

yes, i'm thankful for books. our books. books that will be ours. moments we will share in the pages of new and not-so-new tomes in all sorts of subjects.

C will be studying one year of world history, from ancient to modern times, mostly on her own next year. the Redhead and J will be journeying through ancient Greece and Rome. the little guy will just be full of wonder as he is everyday--i am sure he will enjoy the fun stories from around the world that we have already begun exploring together.

it is such a joy to share these times with my children.

thanks seems appropriately offered to my dad for passing on the love of literature--for good or bad.(good that i love reading, bad that my house is overrun with materials FOR reading!) thanks for all those long bedtime stories you READ(remember the story of Poppitt?)when you really did not WANT to read them(i see now why they were so tedious!). they laid the foundation for perseverance in what i am doing now with my kids.

so, friends, what was the first book YOU remember reading? and was it on your own or with someone you love?


Thirteen on Thursday

My friend started this madness of making lists of things alphabetically on the thirteenth of the month--my suggestion was to do it Thursdays till the alphabet is through--so here goes.
Thirteen A's for Thursday!
1. April, my name, obviously
2. April, the month of my birth, though it was supposed to be May!
3. Apples, the fruit I regret paying $4.99/3 lb. bag for organically grown right now.
4. August, the month I would just as soon leave out of the calendar year.
5. Allison, my God-send friend who lives nearby and blesses my life daily.
6. Airplane, the place I met my husband by God's provision.
7. Afraid, the state of my existence all too often when my faith isn't front and center.
8. Army, the organization my brother joined that has made me reconsider life as an
9. American, the citizenship I am so BLESSED to have been born into.
10. Alphabetical order, a reading skill I still have to THINK about!
11. Artichokes, the plants that simply would not grow in my garden this year.
12. Algebra, the math course I am looking forward to my child reaching because I loved it so much!
13. ALL DONE!! as Anna Rose would say.

What fun!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Redhead's Birthday


The redhead begins planning her birthday party every year in June. Actually, it is BEFORE June, but she is allowed to talk about it starting in June--her birthday is August 17, so you see how I make a concession by allowing the madness of planning and shopping and wishing to begin so early. I don't know WHAT we will do if she ever decides to plan a WEDDING! Things can get out of hand, you understand, with that much time to plan . . .and her birthday has always been THE event of the summer. Perhaps by August we are all ready for another celebration, anyway. The extreme summers here make a person need something to scheme about and look ahead to.

As you can see, she decided this year on a Luau theme. We made leis for each of the female guests, and her daddy readied the pool for the splashing fun time.
For a craft the girls made summer vacation "memory" tins out of mint tins and scrapbooking supplies; we took pictures of each child for their tins. The boys decorated surf boards.There were nine children and quite a bunch of adults. It was a loud fun time, and if smiles are any indication, the Redhead truly enjoyed her day. Now I get to wonder what will be her agenda for the BIG day--TEN--next year!!!!

Thanks for making our lives so fun these nine years, Lu! We love you sweetie!

A special party for a special pair

My brother, Coleman, and his wife, Katy

About a month ago, we had a lovely small gathering at my home for my brother and his dear wife who we had not met YET, to introduce her to some of his more local friends and family. It was a wonderful time that I was honored to plan and prepare for. I hope they were blessed by it as we were.
A few pictures of the flowers, the cake, the happy couple, and some of their guests. We love you, Cole and Katy!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The happiest dinosaur in the world

My son drew this back in May. Isn't he happy?
Hope it's a joyful Wednesday for you all!!!!

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater . . . .

Okay, so we won't actually be EATING them(many, anyway), nor is this about Peter's marital discord--though I have thoughts about that, too. This is about OUR PUMPKIN PATCH.

We read that they needed to be planted in July in order to have them ready for fall in our area, so my sweet husband was out on the tractor in the rain the last week of July preparing the soil and planting our little seeds. What a great guy!

I was amazed to see yesterday that against all odds and the obvious weed problems in the back pasture, we have SIXTEEN healthy little plants ranging from about 6 inches to 10 inches in height. Wow! Only two weeks old! Now I need to get someone out there with a hoe . . . .maybe me? Nothing like doing it yourself to get the job done.

We are hoping for at least a few pumpkins to play with this fall, and if it goes well, maybe we will plan AHEAD next year to make it a really NEAT(as in tidy) experience that we can share with friends--sure would beat paying 3-10 dollars apiece for the orange orbs in October. Seeing how each person in the family has to have his or her own pumpkin, that adds up to quite a few dollars quickly.

What do you like to do with pumpkins? Post a comment, and let me know!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Anna Rose!

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the arrival of a sweet baby girl who is quite dear to our family--she is beyond describing, but I want to wish her and her family a happy day to celebrate this precious gift. She's doing all she can to avoid being little for long--walking VERY early, for instance.

A few precious moments captured in photos! I love you, Anna Rose!!!!!

~"Amie" April

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday Fun with Friends

I had the rare opportunity yesterday to leave for a Friday morning out with my dear friend Allison. Since we have eight kids all-total, it is an extra-special treat for us to get to leave with NO little people! We spent the morning browsing cute shops in the local antiques district, "ooooh-ing" and squealing like a couple of little girls. We saw dolls and aprons(a post about that coming later), dreamed up a few hopes for making some fun things OURSELVES(yes, IDEA shopping is the BEST!), and of course spent a little bit of money on some fun new--old--stuff!

The first thing I want to show you is this cute chest--isn't that adorable? It was a STEAL! I had been looking for one on which to set a large candle stand that I already own. Here's a picture of the two united, finally.

Made for each other? I think so!

Can you see the tiny feet on the chest? We added those today--a few wooden cabinet knobs leftover from the kids' under-bed drawers, spray-painted black! I think they were the perfect touch. Besides, lifting the chest off the floor ensures the dust bunnies don't go homeless.

We bought some other fun things, but the BEST of it all to me was the FREE dollhouse. . . .of course, for FREE you could expect to get a fixer-upper, but I have been WANTING a dollhouse of MY OWN for so long . . . .and the price was just perfect on this one. Funny thing is, it was marked 50% off. I didn't know it was give-away till I got to the cashier and she said it was part of their July 4th promotion: each seller had marked a certain number of items to give away, and they were one-per-customer-per-visit. How about that?

It's a lovely vintage tin two-story with chipboard walls and a plastic architectural shingled roof. The dolls have already enjoyed moving some of their things in, but we are thinking of wallpaper and floor coverings, too. I think they would breathe new life into the place. Any suggestions on color schemes? Here are preliminary shots of the bathroom, bedroom/playroom, and living area. I am still looking for my dollhouse furniture, so things are sparse, especially in the living area. The kitchen just hasn't told me which table to put in there yet.

Besides being free, I love that it is so similar to the dollhouse I played with as a child. That one literally fell apart from being loved--even though tiny dolls were hard to find then, so I used my Sesame Street "little people" as characters. They were the perfect size.

I'm sure Bert, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster will come visit here too--Oscar the Grouch is just outside the kitchen door waiting to celebrate the first full garbage bag, exactly like when I was four.

Did YOU ever have a dollhouse? Leave me a comment about it!