Thursday, August 27, 2009

confessions . . . .

ok, i have to say this. it's kind of embarrassing, but nonetheless i must admit:

i get SO weak in the knees at the sight of a really good BOOK list!

currently i am curriculum planning for our next school year(which begins in january 2010), and the sight of all those LISTS of BOOKS has just got me all wobbly inside. i love reading. i love that my kids love reading, and i wish wish wish there were more moments FOR reading in life.


it makes me sad to think that some(especially children) just don't understand the love of books--good books, old books, really RICH books that contain much of our heritage and nuggets of insight into our humanity, gems of wisdom to take away and treasure for a long time, to consume and make part of oneself . . .

yes, i'm thankful for books. our books. books that will be ours. moments we will share in the pages of new and not-so-new tomes in all sorts of subjects.

C will be studying one year of world history, from ancient to modern times, mostly on her own next year. the Redhead and J will be journeying through ancient Greece and Rome. the little guy will just be full of wonder as he is everyday--i am sure he will enjoy the fun stories from around the world that we have already begun exploring together.

it is such a joy to share these times with my children.

thanks seems appropriately offered to my dad for passing on the love of literature--for good or bad.(good that i love reading, bad that my house is overrun with materials FOR reading!) thanks for all those long bedtime stories you READ(remember the story of Poppitt?)when you really did not WANT to read them(i see now why they were so tedious!). they laid the foundation for perseverance in what i am doing now with my kids.

so, friends, what was the first book YOU remember reading? and was it on your own or with someone you love?


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