Friday, August 28, 2009

Fourteen on Friday!

Here we go again with the madness:
Thirteen on Thursday, for Friday morning because I ended up with Fourteen on the list!

1. Barry, my husband and such a
2. Blessing! I am thankful!
3. Brennan, or the "little b" as I sometimes refer to him
4. Brain dead--the way I feel this time of the afternoon without caffeine
5. B-I-B-L-E, that's the
6. Book for me!!!!!
7. Bribery--something all children can make a perfectly rational adult resort to in certain situations.
8. "Because--I said so." Does not work so well on my kids anymore!
9. Bonnie. A sweet friend of mine.
10. Bonnets--something I wish women were still able to enjoy wearing!
12. Bugs. I could live without them, theoretically.
13. Bumps and Bruises-my kids have quite a collection of them at any given time--resulting in too many Band-aids!(there, that was fourteen!!!!) Maybe I should post this on Friday!


1 comment:

Barry said...

You are a blessing. I love you!