Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Redhead's Birthday


The redhead begins planning her birthday party every year in June. Actually, it is BEFORE June, but she is allowed to talk about it starting in June--her birthday is August 17, so you see how I make a concession by allowing the madness of planning and shopping and wishing to begin so early. I don't know WHAT we will do if she ever decides to plan a WEDDING! Things can get out of hand, you understand, with that much time to plan . . .and her birthday has always been THE event of the summer. Perhaps by August we are all ready for another celebration, anyway. The extreme summers here make a person need something to scheme about and look ahead to.

As you can see, she decided this year on a Luau theme. We made leis for each of the female guests, and her daddy readied the pool for the splashing fun time.
For a craft the girls made summer vacation "memory" tins out of mint tins and scrapbooking supplies; we took pictures of each child for their tins. The boys decorated surf boards.There were nine children and quite a bunch of adults. It was a loud fun time, and if smiles are any indication, the Redhead truly enjoyed her day. Now I get to wonder what will be her agenda for the BIG day--TEN--next year!!!!

Thanks for making our lives so fun these nine years, Lu! We love you sweetie!

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Allison said...

What in the world we would do without Lu? I love you my sweetie. Your firey hair and personalily make me smile and I am so thankful to be part of your life. I pray Anna would learn much form her Ya-Nee (that's your name in Anna talk) Many more Lu. I'll plan that 10th birthday EARLY with ya.
P.S. that hat is so stinking cute on you.