Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thirteen on Thursday

My friend started this madness of making lists of things alphabetically on the thirteenth of the month--my suggestion was to do it Thursdays till the alphabet is through--so here goes.
Thirteen A's for Thursday!
1. April, my name, obviously
2. April, the month of my birth, though it was supposed to be May!
3. Apples, the fruit I regret paying $4.99/3 lb. bag for organically grown right now.
4. August, the month I would just as soon leave out of the calendar year.
5. Allison, my God-send friend who lives nearby and blesses my life daily.
6. Airplane, the place I met my husband by God's provision.
7. Afraid, the state of my existence all too often when my faith isn't front and center.
8. Army, the organization my brother joined that has made me reconsider life as an
9. American, the citizenship I am so BLESSED to have been born into.
10. Alphabetical order, a reading skill I still have to THINK about!
11. Artichokes, the plants that simply would not grow in my garden this year.
12. Algebra, the math course I am looking forward to my child reaching because I loved it so much!
13. ALL DONE!! as Anna Rose would say.

What fun!

1 comment:

Allison said...

Those were WONDERFUL. I don't expect anything else from my linguisicly bountiful friend. Did I spell that correct? Love you.