Friday, October 9, 2009

A Day Out

Oakley Plantation

The (ladies')parlor, where guests would have been received.
Welcome, y'all!

Ok, so I've tried to work on this post for two weeks--to no avail. I've decided to let the pictures speak for themselves. It was truly a lovely day--so enjoy the scenes from a bygone era.

Quiet corner of the parlor
A couple of weekends ago, my whole family(that means with hubby included)went for a field trip to Oakley Plantation--about an hour away--to learn about life in the 1820s. We toured the old house and grounds and saw demonstrations of the way things were done "back then". We unexpectedly got to visit with some long-unseen friends--quite a pleasant surprise.
The gardens were beautiful.
The kitchen(above and below)

Medical supplies
The stairs were rather narrow and frightening! I loved this candlestand.
A child's bed. So pretty! Bed and bath suite, anyone?
Sleep tight!
Steps leading up from the driveway. The parlor is on the first above-ground level. Above it is the floor containing all the bedrooms; the dining room is located on the lowest level.

The butler's pantry. Don't you LOVE the dishes? My camera wasn't able to get the full breadth of this china dresser. A beautiful piece!
The dining room--on ground level. The thing above the table is a "fan" that would have been operated by a slave standing in the corner. Its purpose? To keep flies and other unwanted guests away from the food!

I am sure this big guy would be distressed to know how close he is to the dining room in my post! This is Gus, the highlight of the day. He is a "butterball" turkey who was dropped off at the plantation--I guess someone thought it would be a good home for him. He should be a tour guide, as good as he is with people. He followed us around all day, showing his beautiful feathers and generally stealing the show. He even let the kids pet him!
Here is Gus, strutting along in front of one of the slave cabins.

Makes me hungry!!!!!

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