Friday, September 11, 2009

fourteen on friday

The letter C!!!! sorry for skipping last week--here we go!

1. Catherine. A young lady close to my heart.
2. Chicago--the city my girls most want to visit because of American Girl Place.
3. Cubs--baseball team my husband likes; also in Chicago. . . .today they are playing
4.Cincinnati, favorite baseball team of Kit, the American girl. I am surprised my Redhead isn't in there with her Kit doll cheering for someone; she's our
5.Cheerleader. In the blood, somehow.
6. Coffee--need it NOW to make me stay awake till time for sleeping.
7. Chocolate--would be best with #6 right now.
8. Cheese--my kids' favorite food. The amount of cheese my family eats a week is HORRID.
9.Conniption--I will have one if the resident fruit fly doesn't go away SOON.
10.Cornbread. . . . like it NOT sweet!
11.Celery. My daughter's favorite breakfast food.
12. Cereal. Speaking of breakfast, I would PAY my family to eat it regularly, but they won't!
13. Co-op--a word that needs a good synonym.
14.Constitution of the U.S.A. I wish our government leaders would read and respect it!

That was surprisingly difficult. Today is a misty, moist, moody, gray day here in S. Louisiana. Makes for odd associations and a wee bit of cabin fever(hey! that's a C too!).

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!


Allison said...

Great C's A. I have to admit I stole Chicago from you.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh chocolate, cornbread and cheese! All my favorites. :)