Friday, September 18, 2009

Fourteen on Friday

Here goes again! Hard to believe it's already been a week since the last fourteen--so busy this week, time has just flown! Here goes--fourteen random-association Ds. . .

1. Dunlap. Self-explanatory.
2. Dictator--what the Redhead thinks she is today. GRUMPY BOSSY GIRL!
3. Donuts. Mmmm. Can't eat those anymore but Sam's here in our town makes the BEST.
4. Dad. Today is his birthday--happy, happy birthday Dad!!!!! I love you!!!!!
5. Dipped cones--as in ice cream. My mom LOVES them. ;-)
6. Desserts--my friend Alli is the BEST dessert chef I know.
7. Desserts spelled backward is "stressed". Hey, this is a RANDOM list.
8,9. Doritos and Dr. Pepper were a favorite school-bus breakfast of one of my friends in high school--UGH!
10. Dolls. They are taking over my table today since the "photo studio" is in operation. My girls love to set up scenes and pose the dolls like a magazine shoot.
11,12,13. Dinner, "What is it?" The question I DESPISE DAILY, especially when I have not planned for it. Today it is GUMBO that I started yesterday morning. It will be MMM, mmmm GOOD.
14. Done! Wow, already! See ya later!

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