Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fun

Today started as a slow morning with everyone barely getting up and moving around convincingly before ten--we are blessed to have the privilege of that kind of morning from time to time since I don't have to ship kids out the door to school on someone else's schedule. I am thankful for that! Schooling at home has its own set of challenges--like rarely ever having a day "off"--but the advantages on days like today make me appreciate it all the more.

While we were waking up slowly I realized that humans weren't the only ones who felt like snuggling in a bit this morning. Noname found a warm place she liked.
One thing we did this morning was bake cookies--from scratch and without a recipe on hand. They are gingerbread-flavored but of a much more tender texture. The Redhead helped roll the dough into balls, press them down with a fork, and sprinkle sugar on top. They really ARE good, and will be extra special with a chai tea this afternoon!

A little before the cookies, C brought the cat in(yes, she is an outdoor cat)for a little pampering(or harrassment, I'm never sure how the cat interprets it).
Hmmm. Maybe she didn't mind TOO much!
Isn't she lovely in her new sweater C made? Pink is definitely her color!
A little while later the skies colored over and it began to rain. Not drizzle or sprinkle, but RAIN. For some reason I was not content to stay inside and watch. Since there was no lightning I went to the front porch to take it in.
Water was really gushing from the downspout. I loved the beaded drops on the yucca.

The fish pond was so pretty with the raindrops falling. Oops! I need to right that overturned pot. Apparently the water lily pot slipped off and didn't need it for support after all.
I am sure the pond's new inhabitants enjoyed the rain, too, though I haven't seen them since C introduced them to their new home this morning.

My garlic chives are blooming now--that is new this morning.

The tiny purple flowers on the porch have almost bloomed themselves out, but one was smiling in the rain.

I turned around and was so excited!!!!! Out by the front fence, here's what I saw:

While my Mamaw had another term for these lovely flowers, I will just call them Spider Lilies. These lovely ladies are a true harbinger of autumn. I was so glad to see three slim sisterly stems coming up in my bulb bed. I wasn't sure they would make it to blossom this year since their transplant last spring.
And more pretty flowers. . .
Everything appeared so happy for the rain, and I was happier after scampering around enjoying it all. Truly, "showers of blessing" to end this long, busy week.
Have a blessed weekend!

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