Friday, October 9, 2009

fourteen on friday . . . .

happy friday! long time, no see! hmmmm. today is "E"

1. eggs. didn't have more than two this morning, PERFECT for waffles for everyone. yummy waffles. no, there really is NOT a recipe. that would be too easy.

2. e.e. cummings. love the poetry. have since i was a kid. maybe the lack of capital letters?

3. exhale. what we finally got to do wednesday after B's neurology appt. Bell's palsy is not so bad. it could have been MUCH worse.

4.edge--On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. get it, read it, squeal a LOT and ENJOY a great story.

5.eaten--North! Or Be Eaten! the sequel to the Dark Sea. we are reading it now--WONDERFUL. again, read the book to some adventure-loving child in your life. or just to yourself. enjoy it. seriously fun!

6.excessive. the heat here this time of year--unseasonably warm is an UNDERSTATEMENT. addictive, isn't it?

8.eggplant. yummy yummmy yummmmmmy. wish i had some to cook. fried, maybe?

9.embroidery. my mamaw(mom's mom)and grandma hazel(dad's mom)taught me how. i am so thankful for those memories of sitting by their knees and watching the wonder of pictures emerging from the needle. wouldn't it be great to have a perfect little corner like this to sit and sew? i love the natural light! this was taken at Oakley Plantation on a field trip a couple of weeks ago.

10. estuary. i love this word! (my eldest is going for the dictionary since i won't define it for her--i get her to use the dictionary every possible chance because i know she can't just read ONE entry! hahahahaha! hey, she's a bookworm, and i'm a home educator!)

11.entryway. finally. my hubby painted the inside of my front door last night--after only three and a half years in this house! it took me awhile to settle on BLACK. it really looks great in the morning light!

12.emerald. the hummingbird guarding the feeder just out my window shimmers emerald-esque in the sun.

13.everlasting. Psalm 90:2 Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

14. End. The, that is! hope you Enjoyed this list! Now go ENJOY the day the Lord has made. . .



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