Friday, December 4, 2009

should be dreaming . . .of a white Christmas

We have had a busy week. The three girls' Christmas Concert was tonight, and they had practice two nights this week for it. All that road-running in the evenings makes for a stressful time. Add to that the pile(ok, mountain!)of Christmas decoration boxes piled nearly to the ceiling in my family room and the "winter storm" weather conditions prior to the concert tonight, and there's a ball of stress in my shoulder that won't let go anytime soon!

The concert was great. This may be the best year yet for the Chorus at Christmas. They really sounded wonderful. It's always such a blessing to hear children sing, and these children are so well-rehearsed it's amazing. That's what the propaganda says about LPCC--"You will be amazed." They're right. Watch the video and remember my camera can't properly represent the SOUND. Wow.
Well, we got home to a crock pot of yummy soup(that may actually HAVE a writable recipe!!!!!) which everyone ATE(no small thing). Then the hubby says "according to the radar it SHOULD be snowing here by now. . . . "
That did it. We checked the windows, and sure enough, it was flurrying on down a bit. We zipped up coats and slid into the first yard-worthy shoes we could find, and we were OUT--all except hubby who is a true Louisiana boy and can't tolerate the cold OR understand why his wife who is normally fairly sensible would (1.) allow the kids out in the snow in their PAJAMAS, and (2.) want to go out in that sticky wet stuff AT NIGHT. He watched through the front window. The kids and I went out and had a ball because it REALLY started coming down!!!!

Never mind that The Boy is on antibiotics for a sinus infection or that no one had on socks. . .
They made a memory.
That stress ball is GONE.
Pretty cool stuff. ;-)

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