Monday, January 4, 2010

Eleven years ago. . . .

The weather here is COLDer today. Ok, just COLD. Louisiana cold. Realizing we are softies in regard to cold weather doesn't really help--this crew have been talkin' like Santa would be coming AGAIN or something since they heard the word "snow" released from the weatherman's lips yesterday afternoon--yes, they are predicting SNOW here for Friday. It would be odd, I must admit, though not unappreciated. The clouds were beautiful today.

This slightly cooler weather(ok, so I've had a sweater on AND have admitted to being COLD too--NOT NORMAL)the last couple of days is fitting for this time of year. You see, it was a chilly, 17 degree Monday morning eleven years ago when we loaded up our two-year-old and clothes for the hospital, and left our little home in Mississippi to drive two hours to the hospital in Hammond to deliver a sweet baby girl later that afternoon. Our lives have not been the same since!

Jessie, we are so glad you are HERE! We love you, sweet girl!

One major event was getting her ears pierced.

To celebrate, we had a friend sleep over.

They made TONS of popcorn.

Played Wii.


Played Apples to Apples. Giggled.
Stayed up too late.

Well, you get the idea.
I think she had a pretty good day. She's a better-than-pretty good kid!

Jessie, I am so glad to be your MOM!!!!!!!


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