Friday, January 29, 2010

A Post from the Redhead

My Redhead wanted to write about her cat.

I have a cat named Annie. She's a black cat, and she's a princess black cat at that. She's only allowed inside when there's bad weather outside, but she keeps her pretty green eyes open for when somebody opens the door and forgets to close it. Then she runs in, either to mom and dad's bedroom, or upstairs, or on my bed upstairs. She has a comfy box for a bed outside and a pet door so she can leave the porch whenever she wants to. We got her when she was a baby from our friends who gave her to us. She has an orange collar with a bell, so I know if she's near because I can hear her.

This is Annie when she was a baby, right after we got her.Here she is all grown up. Waving at the camera.


Lynn said...

Tell Annie hello from our beagle, also Annie! Your cat is so pretty. I know she's glad to have a wonderful home with your family.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a sweet kittty!

I will soon be getting on a plane bound for New Orleans. Have you been? Do you have any "must see/eat" lists for me? :)

Abby Rogers said...

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