Monday, January 25, 2010

A step back

Two weekends ago we attended worship at the church my father-in-law pastors. Macedonia Baptist Church has the oldest building in our parish--built in 1906. They still meet in the original old building, sing songs accompanied by an incredibly old piano, and until not too long ago, still didn't have any form of air conditioning in the summer--window units were installed very recently. Going there is like slowing down the cycle of the world; breaths get deeper, time slows. Worries kind of drift back into proper perspective. Things slip into their ranks of importance with startling clarity for a little while, at least. It is good.

These pictures were taken back over the summer during the Vacation Bible School commencement service--I had forgotten my camera on the last visit. It is always beautiful inside, though.
Next time we go I will try to do better on pictures!
Where do you go to slow down a bit?

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