Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girls and their dolls--

This past weekend we finally took the family trip we have been thinking about since last August--it originally was supposed to be to Atlanta for a conference, but that didn't work out. Then we were going to Atlanta anyway to celebrate J's birthday, but our truck had serious issues the weekend before we were to leave, so we looked about desperately for another time--only this time we would go to Dallas(slightly closer)and would stay two rather than three nights. No birthday party, but a chance for the girls to go to the American Girl Place. They had been saving for the trip since August--with a slight detour for Christmas, of course!

We left early Saturday morning, nervous because we had snow here Friday. HOPEfully it won't have rendered any of the road conditions unfavorable. As you can see, EVERYONE was excited.

Two sweethearts!

After having breakfast with my parents in Mississippi, we finally made it to the Mississippi River. EEK! That's a high bridge!
We stopped in Ruston for lunch and walked around campus at LA Tech for a few minutes. Campus was quiet because of the holiday. It was a gorgeous day for a walk.
Sister silliness involving SNOW. AHEM!!!! Girls!!!!!
We finallly made it to Dallas and checked into our hotel around 8:30 p.m. It was a long day on the road. More sister silliness:

Dolls immediately began getting ready for their big shopping trip the next day.

After a fitful nights' sleep, we all finally piled into the car the next morning and
HERE IT IS!!!!!!!

They were just a little excited--and it was just a LOT cold outside. I had forgotten about Dallas wind in February. Brrrrrrrrr.
Up the escalator to the Bistro for lunch. Hubby may be the only one not smiling at this point. ;-)
The Redhead and Kit can't decide what to order.
C and Kirsten decided on the burger(not VERY girly, I know!)
J and Emily finally decided on the turkey panini-mmmmm.
Did I mention the whole place was done in shades of eye-popping PINK?
He was a very patient little brother through the whole shebang, really.
EYE-POPPING. Like this daisy light fixture. TOO cute!
After what seemed like hours, The Redhead happily decides which new friend she will take home--she chose Ruthie, Kit's best friend!
Don't Kit and Ruthie look happy to be together?
I loved watching The Redhead skipping through the store. Quintessential little girl.
J was able to get the "Just Like You" doll she really wanted--it was the ONLY one like it they had in the store. Someone had returned her, apparently. Don't they look JUST ALIKE? Her name is Lizzie. She has blue glasses too!
C's Kirsten doll got her beautiful long braids back. It took awhile, but she ended up beautiful, too. C didn't get a NEW doll--but I think she had a great time anyway. Kirsten got a beautiful new dress for spring.
We had a wonderful morning, and then headed off to the Lego store. For The Boy. He was very patient.
That adventure in another post.

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I so want to go to this store! What fun it looks like you had.