Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Fun

A post I started a week ago--
It is a gray, cold, RAINY day here today--seriously, when I checked the radar for our area, it looked like a huge slug crawled over the screen and stayed. YUCK! Good weather for making things as cheerful as possible INSIDE. So on we go to our Valentine's Day decorations--we love Valentine's Day, I think, because of all the PINK POSSIBILITIES it presents. Pink, red, ribbons, ruffles, frillies and CHOCOLATE--oh wait, that has nothing to do with DECOR--what a fun excuse for a party!

We usually do a tea party for the day, if not on the day itself, sometime surrounding it closely. I started this when my oldest was only four or so--we had tea and cookies from the bakery at Albertson's, sitting on the floor around the coffee table. The girls were dressed to the nines in their frilly dress-ups, and I had no idea I was STARTING something that day! Sometimes the best traditions come from odd spur-of-the-moment notions.

The three sweeties--ready for tea and sweets, complete with sippie cups. Weren't they CUTE?

Ohhhh! I do believe those are two fine ladies--Ms. Sweet Eyes and Catie Poppins, I think? Such nice exaggerated manners they have!

Here's a fine shot of my funny valentine this year. His "Lone Ranger" day happened a few weeks ago-isn't he handsome? There aren't many things sweeter, I promise.

On to the decorations--for some reason none of my pictures came out very well this year, but I'll post 'em anyway! Up first we have a sweet little plate that sits on my mantel. I love the "vintage valentine" look of this little gal--though her dress is a tiny bit TOO tiny!

It reads "I'd be as happy as could be if you would just WARM UP to me!"
She sits on the mantel along with the cute little gal at the top of this post.

Also interspersed are my Redhead's "birthday bears" she gets each year. She thought they were a nice idea for Valentine's Day because "you hug them a lot". ;-)

Here's the mantel with the lights on--a cheery warm glow for a cold dreary MONTH.

And of course, the TREE.

You may recognize it from Christmas, but it's been "pinked" for the new holiday.

Still decorated with tiny teapots. I added red glass balls that have aged to a nice translucent color--more pink than red when the light shines through;lots of little pairs of birds; heart ornaments, chandelier crystals, and angels, of course!

Ornaments of admonishment--from Mary Engelbreit--"Be Kind to Thy Sister". We need that around here!

A little girl loving her doll--Bessie Pease Gutmann art is wonderful, even cast in porcelain.

A happy moment from the happiest day of my life.

A well for making good wishes!

We haven't had this year's tea party yet. We will be out of town for the holiday, so I guess we will have to do it in the next few days this week!

May you have a happy heart!



Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love Bessie Pease Gutmann too!
Your tree is so wonderful.

Allison said...

Oh April. You outdid yourself. Just remember you have to put all that away eventually. ;) Your home is always a place of rest and peace. I love being there and I love you. Miss you already. Come home soon. Is this payback for our vacay? We just need to vacay together. That's all there is too it.