Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sending much love--

My sweet brother is leaving again today for Iraq. Please keep him in your prayers.

I love you, man. The Lord bless you and keep you--

and protect you by the power of His name.

Please pray for his wife and new baby boy too.


Monday, March 29, 2010


My sweet husband has joined the blogging world!!!!!! Welcome, B!

You can find his insight and wit at

Go see what he has to say!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Green Tea for St. Patrick's Day

Hello everyone, and Welcome!

I was inspired to go searching for green around my home today because my kids had a "pinching" fit early this morning. I had to RUN to the closet for a green apron because I had forgotten and dressed in jeans with a gray t-shirt! They were daunted a bit at my quick recovery, but happily continued pestering each other till they had it all worked out. That kept them busy while I "shopped" for things to attempt a little tablescape with. I guess I am feeling celebratory this week because of the sweet little guy who was born in Colorado on Monday(See all about Hunter one post down! He's a CUTIE!)!

I began with a linen/cotton blend napkin I found at Walmart about four years ago--laid it across a bamboo tray that usually just holds books and such in my front room. This I placed on a beautiful old bedspread from a garage sale--it's in perfect condition and I simply love the design that's quilted/woven into it--is this matelasse? I don't know for sure!

Anyway, the teacup and saucer are mismatched ironstone that I found at Goodwill and a garage sale--I think that together they look like a little lady with a flowing full skirt! The saucer is a pattern I remember from my Grandmother's house when I was a little girl--I have several pieces of it--Johnson Brothers, England.

The cup has two different scenes on the sides with a plaque in the center that says "God Bless Our Home". Sweet!

Speaking of sweet, this little dish holding the sugar cubes for our tea is just beautiful, the way it sparkles in the light.

The green basket holding a tealight is a recent gift of love from a dear friend--I don't know how old it is, but the ruffle on the edge perfectly complements the ruffly edge on the green vase my mom brought me from a flea market in Colorado a couple of years ago(Did I mention that I have a NEW NEPHEW in Colorado????).

The pillar candle sits on a sweet little Wedgwood saucer I paid approximately .10 for at a garage sale. The candle itself came from World Market. It smells so yummy! Asian Pear, I think, is the scent. Perfect to pair with our White Pear tea.

(That's a yellow wood sorrel leaf in the tea--it tastes like lemon and looks like clover.)

Of course, a peaceful tea for one needs a good book or two--children's classics, or poetry for you?

While the camera was out I went on a search for other green things around my house:

A tiny vase, made in Japan.

A pretty saucer missing its cup, also made in Japan. I adore the pink blossoms.

This lovely old scale.

I love this little flowerpot.

And last but not least, two things that belonged to my maternal grandmother. This tall green vase has been around forever. I acquired it when Mom brought me daisies last year for my birthday. We had such a fun day together--a rare but much treasured treat. The other is a brooch that I always admired in Mamaw's jewelry box--I never saw her wear it. But somehow it came to me after her passing. I don't know who knew I admired it so!

The back says Czechoslovakia. That's all I know about it!

I found a neat companion for it this week at Goodwill. Not old, but they will look great on my green polka-dot sweater together!

Hope you've enjoyed our little look at some of my favorite (green)things!
I certainly had fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am participating in Vintage Thingie Thursday with Coloradolady, as well as Tablescape Thursday over at Between Naps on the Porch. What fun!(see the buttons in my sidebar)

There was ONE MORE sweet green thing I needed to add to this collection:
Ok, so he himself is not green, but he looks so cute in that green stripe! Did I mention I have a new nephew in Colorado? ;-) He's just a doll.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Baby Boy!!!!!!!!!!!

My new nephew--born yesterday, March 14.


He and Mom are doing well--Dad is happy, happy. Grandparents are on the moon.

I'm just glad to have a picture to share.

Welcome to the world, little man. You are LOVED.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A few shots from my day today-- AFTER this:

Yes, that' s NINE bags of KID laundry. To be done. Soon. Hey, my laundry room is EMPTY.

I assume we will likely just take the girls to the laundromat to get the clothes done in one fell swoop, rather than taking days and days of constant washing and drying(btw, those nine bags are KID clothes, NOT including grownup laundry at all . . . .). ANYWAY.

After lunch, the kids went outside to play in/on/around the treehouse.

Cooking. Swinging.

Being a BOY. Complete with a muddy seat!

Upon looking further outside, I had some wonderful surprises!
The black cherry is blooming.

So flowing and graceful--gorgeous!

The plum tree has blossomed.

Buds have burst open on our oak trees.

The shy Japanese magnolia has opened its buds beautifully.

Also, the camellia is opening(first blooms on this one for me!)

The honeybees have been BUSY the last few days, too.

And, our blueberries are flowering!!!!!

Spring has ARRIVED!

Daffodils. "Happygills" is what my baby brother(who will become a father tomorrow!)used to call them. Guess what name stuck?

Happy Sunshiny Days to you!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A funny afternoon

About two weeks ago, my girls and their best friends, my best friend and I, all had a girls-and-dolls tea party on Friday afternoon. It was a fun, dressy, delicious occasion, complete with girl size treats and doll size treats to match, big and little tea sets and favors for all, but little girl Anna stole the show. It was HER "first" tea--where she got to eat the sweets and drink tea from a little tiny cup--with lots of SUGAR, of course. She had us all in stitches, but if she managed to see the camera, she went from personality to HAM very quickly.

What really took the cake, though, was when C accidentally didn't sweeten the little pot of tea Anna was drinking when it needed to be refilled--she had a coughing FIT, as if to die. After the requisite copious amounts of sugar were added, she warmed up again--caught on video. We were hysterical at this point. I PROMISE the tea was just Raspberry Zinger--with SUGAR in it!


Is there anything sweeter than little bitty feet?