Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A funny afternoon

About two weeks ago, my girls and their best friends, my best friend and I, all had a girls-and-dolls tea party on Friday afternoon. It was a fun, dressy, delicious occasion, complete with girl size treats and doll size treats to match, big and little tea sets and favors for all, but little girl Anna stole the show. It was HER "first" tea--where she got to eat the sweets and drink tea from a little tiny cup--with lots of SUGAR, of course. She had us all in stitches, but if she managed to see the camera, she went from personality to HAM very quickly.

What really took the cake, though, was when C accidentally didn't sweeten the little pot of tea Anna was drinking when it needed to be refilled--she had a coughing FIT, as if to die. After the requisite copious amounts of sugar were added, she warmed up again--caught on video. We were hysterical at this point. I PROMISE the tea was just Raspberry Zinger--with SUGAR in it!


Is there anything sweeter than little bitty feet?


Allison said...

What a sweet memory of that day. We all had so much fun. I wouldn't have wanted to share that day with anyone else.
love you.

Anita said...

What a sweet tea party! We are almost too old for little girl tea parties around my house. My littlest girl will soon be 11 and she is "stuck" in between two big brothers and two little brothers. I do love little bitty feet! I am so glad to still have some baby toes to kiss on!! Thanks for including me in your blog roll. Next time you come through MS, give us a holler!