Thursday, March 11, 2010


A few shots from my day today-- AFTER this:

Yes, that' s NINE bags of KID laundry. To be done. Soon. Hey, my laundry room is EMPTY.

I assume we will likely just take the girls to the laundromat to get the clothes done in one fell swoop, rather than taking days and days of constant washing and drying(btw, those nine bags are KID clothes, NOT including grownup laundry at all . . . .). ANYWAY.

After lunch, the kids went outside to play in/on/around the treehouse.

Cooking. Swinging.

Being a BOY. Complete with a muddy seat!

Upon looking further outside, I had some wonderful surprises!
The black cherry is blooming.

So flowing and graceful--gorgeous!

The plum tree has blossomed.

Buds have burst open on our oak trees.

The shy Japanese magnolia has opened its buds beautifully.

Also, the camellia is opening(first blooms on this one for me!)

The honeybees have been BUSY the last few days, too.

And, our blueberries are flowering!!!!!

Spring has ARRIVED!

Daffodils. "Happygills" is what my baby brother(who will become a father tomorrow!)used to call them. Guess what name stuck?

Happy Sunshiny Days to you!


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