Sunday, April 25, 2010

Promise Kept

The last time I showed you my flowers(you can stop now if you find this subject boring!), it was about two weeks ago. Things have really taken off since then, and each morning brings new surprises. I thought I'd share again! We are really enjoying our outdoor spaces right now--in another month it will be too hot to spend much time outdoors till fall arrives. Sad but true. We savor spring before the stupor of summer dulls us all down to lazy lumps!

This is the view out my front room windows. I love sitting in my big comfy chair(we call it the "slouch)and kitty-cat gazing out at the sunshine and flowers--YAWN. Ok, better move on OUTSIDE! lol.

First up, the first blue hydrangea blossom by my front steps! It is growing and getting more blue--I could only be happier with it if it were a lacecap, but I will bide my time and try for one of those later. It IS beautiful--and these flowers last a LONG time, dry well, and keep forever in arrangements. What's not to love?

My purple irises have multiplied! Last year they surprised me with two blooms--after I had forgotten they were there--THIS year, there is much more pretty to see!
AROUND the corner toward the back yard . . . the neglected(so far) area:

Here's our dog trail. And more of the yellow irises. Coco(the dog) is a behemoth--around 80 pounds. She keeps us safe by patrolling the perimeter when we are gone. Quite a trail, isn't it? Signs of devotion, I suppose. The tire is from the swing that needs new rope soon--C was on it when it broke a couple of weeks ago. THANKFULLY she was just scratched up a bit. THAT could have been a lot worse. Many things to be thankful for!
Back around to the front porch:

I love this little box! Dad made it for me to use as a manger in a Christmas display, but the weathered wood was just begging for green plants--inspired by our recent trip to a B&B in Hattiesburg, MS. I have peppermint and apple mint in it for now. Trying to figure out if I want anything that really blooms in there. It looks like a tiny gardener left and will be back for her rake at any minute, doesn't it? Surprisingly, Coco has left it alone. Normally if I touch anything outside, she finds a way to drag it in the yard and destroy it . . .

My fish pond! C has been working on this. Hopefully we will get more waterlily blooms this year--and the water lettuce will do well. We need to work at hiding the cord, but I thought she did such a good job, I couldn't wait till it was "finished" to show you!
Here's my little hanging basket about a week and a half ago--the marigolds are still alive! I am sure that's because I've been neglecting them and letting C take care of them instead.

Here's the same basket TODAY. They are growing!!!!! I love spring.

In the background of those two pictures you can see my little green church bench. We weatherized it and added it to the porch. Now there's another place to sit and visit while Big B works his BBQ magic for us!

My purple roses--about to open.

One of the purple blooms brought in after a light rain yesterday.

The yellow rose always has a blush of orange. This is not a good picture, but I had to include it. We bought this topiary bush on its last leg at a home center a few years ago. This year it is starting early blessing us with its wonderfully fragrant blossoms. A little love goes a long way!

The red lilies dress the fence by the driveway nicely. We transplanted them to this location last spring--they have already begun spreading. These remind me of my Mom's mother. She had a huge row of them in her yard. It was one of the "walls" when we would play house outside.
New plants waiting to go into a bed. . . .Navajo sage, yarrow, Mx. primrose, and plumbago. AND,
The new bed--Big B did this after WORK one evening last week!
It sits just off the corner of the sidewalk, near the fish pond.
This is the view of the front flower bed as we say goodbye this time--thanks for visiting! I will try to talk about more than flowers in our next visit!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

She Made It!

Well, it's been MONTHS. J has been practicing and practicing and practicing, and ALL of us have been humming and singing and tapping the SAME tune over and over and over--as in, seriously, STUCK in my head at two a.m., without fail, for WEEKS.
First it was practice for the audition, and she was one of the students chosen to perform. THEN, it was practice for the performance . . .

Their choir awards ceremony was tonight.
She did a beautiful--though quick--job. Amazing how sixty seconds can take so many HOURS of preparation.

J, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU--to God be the glory for the gift of music He's placed in your heart. Keep it turned toward Him, dear one!

We love you.

Enjoy the music. Repeatedly. Again and again. Trust me, the effect is diminished if you DON'T.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on spring at our house

I took a break and a short walk around my yard this afternoon. It was refreshing to be out in the sun and the breeze--made me wonder why I don't think to go out MORE. I took a few pictures with my phone, so they're not really high quality, but I thought I would share!

This is my geranium and marigold pot. I always manage to kill marigolds, so my oldest, C, is coaching me on it! Geraniums just make me happy--I usually manage to kill them from lack of water by mid-July, though. Maybe this year will be different.

This is my birthday plant this year. Should bloom blue, and is supposed to REbloom. That is exciting. I hope it works!

Watering all this stuff requires much help. I've got it for now.

My white rose is in bloom, finally. It's a bit shy.

My red lilies are ready to POP!

This is fun. My Aunt Linda gave me this black iron stand, and I added the flowers and pots. I know it won't be long before the impatiens won't wait any longer for more soil, but I love this for now.

A little shot of my yellow rose, knockout roses and yellow irises in the background.

Look at all that RED! It's ablaze, isn't it? Aptly named. I've got to figure out some support to keep it in the flower bed before it overtakes the fence completely. It's so good to have all this new growth after four years of fighting this yard. We have never lived in one house this long. I suppose there ARE benefits to "bloom where you're planted".

Not a good picture, but this was C's idea, too. I got the wave petunia for my birthday. SHE put it in the old bucket. I love the contrast in color and texture.

And last, my shasta daisies are in bloom EARLY this year! What a bright sunny face she has! I wish the picture had been more clear, but the wind today is pretty stiff--reminds me of when we lived in Dallas.
Thanks for admiring my flowers with me! Happy sunshine and April flowers to you!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just a quick note!

I wanted to wish you all a HOPPY EASTER!!!!!! (that's what I imagine Hunter is saying, anyway! Isn't he CUTE?)

We are in a whirlwind here to get out of the house by 4 this afternoon to go to Mississippi and visit with my parents--that's a LOT of packing to be done, and I am WAY out of practice. Hard to believe that we used to pack for up to six weeks at a time when we were with Campus Crusade! You'd think that I was a rookie now, rather than a well-practiced packer!

May your Resurrection Day celebrations be blessed. We have so much to be thankful for--the biggest of which--HE IS RISEN INDEED!