Thursday, April 22, 2010

She Made It!

Well, it's been MONTHS. J has been practicing and practicing and practicing, and ALL of us have been humming and singing and tapping the SAME tune over and over and over--as in, seriously, STUCK in my head at two a.m., without fail, for WEEKS.
First it was practice for the audition, and she was one of the students chosen to perform. THEN, it was practice for the performance . . .

Their choir awards ceremony was tonight.
She did a beautiful--though quick--job. Amazing how sixty seconds can take so many HOURS of preparation.

J, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU--to God be the glory for the gift of music He's placed in your heart. Keep it turned toward Him, dear one!

We love you.

Enjoy the music. Repeatedly. Again and again. Trust me, the effect is diminished if you DON'T.



Allison said...

Great job Jessie. I hated to miss it but Gabbi was there in my stead. April, thanks for posting so at least I got to hear her sweet music. What a gift she has. Wonderful. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Bravo! Well done great pianist! Thunderous applause in Phoenix.

Gabrielle said...

She played beautifully! Thanks for sharing this. Damian and I enjoyed watching it, but we can't believe what a graceful young lady she has become.

Judy said...

Thank you April, for posting the recital piece that Jessie did. Wonderful job, Jessie. You made my day!