Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on spring at our house

I took a break and a short walk around my yard this afternoon. It was refreshing to be out in the sun and the breeze--made me wonder why I don't think to go out MORE. I took a few pictures with my phone, so they're not really high quality, but I thought I would share!

This is my geranium and marigold pot. I always manage to kill marigolds, so my oldest, C, is coaching me on it! Geraniums just make me happy--I usually manage to kill them from lack of water by mid-July, though. Maybe this year will be different.

This is my birthday plant this year. Should bloom blue, and is supposed to REbloom. That is exciting. I hope it works!

Watering all this stuff requires much help. I've got it for now.

My white rose is in bloom, finally. It's a bit shy.

My red lilies are ready to POP!

This is fun. My Aunt Linda gave me this black iron stand, and I added the flowers and pots. I know it won't be long before the impatiens won't wait any longer for more soil, but I love this for now.

A little shot of my yellow rose, knockout roses and yellow irises in the background.

Look at all that RED! It's ablaze, isn't it? Aptly named. I've got to figure out some support to keep it in the flower bed before it overtakes the fence completely. It's so good to have all this new growth after four years of fighting this yard. We have never lived in one house this long. I suppose there ARE benefits to "bloom where you're planted".

Not a good picture, but this was C's idea, too. I got the wave petunia for my birthday. SHE put it in the old bucket. I love the contrast in color and texture.

And last, my shasta daisies are in bloom EARLY this year! What a bright sunny face she has! I wish the picture had been more clear, but the wind today is pretty stiff--reminds me of when we lived in Dallas.
Thanks for admiring my flowers with me! Happy sunshine and April flowers to you!


Judy said...

to tell you how much I loved the virtual tour of your flowers. It was almost as good as being there. I am delighted that you and your girls enjoy flowers and plants so much. I think it is in the blood. I like them too and I look forward to each spring when I can plant annuals and coddle them into blooming all summer. One of life's greatest joys. TYhank for the tour.
Aunt Judy

Gabrielle said...

I love the tour of your flowers! Beautiful! I love my hydrangea too, and they're SO easy to maintain. It's easy to propagate them, so you can end up with as many hydrangeas as you want with that one plant. I'm jealous of your gorgeous red roses!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your thumb is greener than mine! :)

April said...

Thanks for coming along for my "tour", y'all!
Laura, this Louisiana humidity BEGS things to grow--it's not really a green thumb, more of just the question: are you going to grow flowers or WEEDS?
We grow both--more weeds than flowers, I guess. There IS the saying, "May all your weeds be wildflowers." Maybe that applies!