Thursday, May 20, 2010


Focus on His blessings this morning:

Clean laundry tossing in a dryer that works.

Dirty laundry from four active, healthy kids with a curiousity about God's creation.

A cockatiel who loves me and is doing her "door dance" begging to spend time on my shoulder.

A quiet house before the activity begins for the day.

Air conditioning. The humidity is UP today.

A frog in my pond.

Mint taking over its box on the front porch.

Cucumber and cantaloupe blossoms.

Fresh radishes from our garden boxes.

A sweet baby boy and his mom sleeping upstairs. They're HERE!

A husband at work--he has a job and doesn't mind going there to support our family.

Coffee making.

Phones ringing--FRIENDS.

Count your blessings this morning?


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