Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Baby Party

Ok, I am sure by now that you are tired of seeing sweet baby pictures on this blog--and I do apologize for fixating on the cutest nephew ever, really I do, but when I get ONTO a subject I have a hard time shifting gears. Remember the rapid succession of flower posts a couple of weeks ago? Well, I could easily walk out, snap more pictures of flowers and tomato plants and all that stuff, but I refuse to let myself--because enough is enough, REALLY it is, right?

So that said, this will be my last cute baby post for a WHILE anyway. Partly because I've run the gamut on pictures that I took during their visit, and partly because they had to go back to Colorado already. (insert pouty face here)

We had a PARTY. A small party. Close-by family and friends party. Planned and done in a week just so a few ladies could come by and meet the baby boy--and we could eat yummy girlie food and make things look pretty(any motivation to clean up is a good thing).

Let's start with a view of the table with beautiful Mom and baby(who was not very happy at the moment):

Here's the guest of honor up close:

Sleepin' in grandmother's lap!
Thoughtful little guy. ;-)

There were fun gifts--that I will be shipping because there was no room to pack them!

All of US are related:

My Mom's oldest sister and her eldest daughter. Much ado about Hunter!

Lots of Mommy talk was enjoyed.
We served shrimp pasta salad, chicken salad on croissants, fresh strawberries, brownie bites, and the best berry trifle EVER. Drinks were lemon sweet tea and strawberry lemonade--made by my lemonade-maker extraordinaire, C. It was gone quickly!

I hung one of my sweet vintage mobiles from the chandelier:

The favor bags were decorated with little hand and footprint stickers, tied with a pacifier charm on wired ribbon, and contained CHOCOLATES--what else?

A close-up of the yummiest trifle EVER:

And an afterthought picture of the flowers for the table--I took it that night after we had taken everything apart; I thought it was too cute not to show you up close:
This is a sweet little container with a music box in it. The little lamb(you can't see it well in the picture!)turns and plays "Rock-a-Bye Baby". It is OLD and one of my favorite baby collectibles, picked up for a song at a garage sale when my baby girl was expected nearly ten(gasp!) years ago.

Here's my dear friend Alli--also know as the BEST trifle-maker EVER. I don't know what I'd do without being blessed by her friendship and HELP whenever I need it. We didn't PLAN to wear the same color! I guess some things never change with best friends.

I think Hunter had a good time.

I know WE all did.

It was such a fun afternoon and a fun visit with my sweet sister-in-law. She is a jewel that we are blessed to have in our family.

Thanks for stopping by our little party!


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Liz said...

Hello! Thanks for following my blog! Please come by any time! :)

Your shower looks so nice. Will you be sharing the recipe for the triffle??????? I'm doing a big wedding shower in August and I'm collecting ideas... that looks wonderful!! :)