Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mondays can be ugly

Wow. Some days just set out to be what they ARE--do you understand what I am saying? For instance, some Saturdays are perfect Saturdays, involving sleeping late or getting up really early because you want to, eating yummy something not healthy for breakfast, followed by all sorts of projecty-type activities OR shopping, and winding down into a neat, peaceful little package with a great simple home-prepped dinner and jazz on the radio--quite a bit before midnight. THAT is a Saturday.

Well, yesterday around here was MONDAY. CAPITAL M-O-N-D-A-Y. period. All day. I honestly didn't quite know what to make of it! We haven't had a true Monday in quite a good while.

It started in that I couldn't get all the kids to wake up and make it downstairs simultaneously for breakfast--chocolate chip muffins, one of their favorites. The muffins were good, but MY Monday began by having to make muffins. I despise muffin-making, start to finish. WHY did I put muffins on my Monday meal plan? Probably because of alliteration--a love for language can be a curse and a blessing! ANYWAY. We had muffins, but first I was OUT of the little paper liners, and you know what THAT means--scrubbing the muffin tin! UGH! Monday numbers 1 and 2, thankyouverymuch!

After breakfast finally was eaten--though not cleared fully away--the kids started trying to do what kids will do on Monday when they know they have no more choir practice and they've had too busy a weekend--wandering around looking for purpose in life. Sewing. Bickering over sewing stuff(MY sewing stuff, NOT theirs to bicker over!). Speaking meanly to each other to the point of tears. Slamming doors and going outside to ride bikes . . . .Cue Monday #4. . . . .
Brenn touched a buck moth caterpillar. The picture at the head of this post is one of their kind, only they're not that pretty in person! Google this term along with the name of our state, click on any of the links including the letters NOLA, and you will get a good idea of how we feel about these nasty creatures. YUCK. They are ugly AND ferocious. Painful to touch. Sneaky and CLUMSY. EVERYWHERE this time of year. . . this particular now-dead one was creeping along the treehouse railing--would putting up NO CATERPILLARS ALLOWED signs help?

Baking soda and ice pack applied. Two hours later, he is better. Apparently it was a MILD sting. THANKFULLY.

Monday #5 is lunch. Now, lunch is a perpetual burden much like breakfast--who wants to stop in the middle of the day to deal with food? Besides that, there is the need to feed five people who don't agree what to have, and at least four of them aren't even willing to THINK about the perfectly good leftovers from the night before. . . .then Daddy calls and says he's coming home early because of a sinus headache. GOOD. Delay lunch till after two o'clock--cue Monday #6.
THIS IS HEADACHE FACE. Poor guy! The ligustrums that are in bloom are ALSO EVIL. Cut them down if you have them!!!!!!!!!

Shortly after Daddy arrived home, C walks into the sunroom-on-the-north-side where I am talking to B by the computer, and she discovers that her sweet little green parakeet has died. He hurt himself about a month ago, but has been determinedly trying to get better. He seemed fine till Saturday night when he was "fluffed up" as if cold, but then was o.k. all day Sunday. We were dealt a terribly sudden blow, having become especially attached to him over the last few weeks of constant watching and marveling over his sheer will to recuperate.
This is sweet Taylor just a week or so ago. C is heartbroken.

Monday #6. . . . .Brennan lost a TOOTH. Now, this is not really so bad, except that he's my BABY. Last one. The baby has now got a snaggle-toothed grin. I am sad. Really sad. I love little kid smiles because those baby teeth are SO sweet and perfect. Now he enters the world of crooked smiles and gaps and not being able to say /th/ and /s/ properly. The upside, of course, is that he is VERY cute(though rascally)with the hole in the front. AND now the /f/ sound works "REALLY GOOD, MOM."

Whew! Are you tired yet? Because by this point it's not quite THREE O'CLOCK.

It was a Monday. I will refrain from rehearsing the rest for you because I'd like you to come back and read again sometime--and I will say that the end of the day did get better. Despite The Redhead having a tummy ache and dinner being kind of weird. . . .she and I had fun cooking together and C made a new fountain garden on the front porch and B tolerated my jumping up repeatedly from the dinner table to run outside and snap pictures of the fading light--that craziness will be explained later, too. . .

and today, is Tuesday. One of my favorite quotes from Anne of Green Gables is when Ms. Stacy her teacher tells Anne, "tomorrow is a brand new day, with no mistakes in it." A beautiful thought! So this morning I will wake the children, read Psalm 92 with them, and hopefully we will spend the day giving thanks to God Most High for all the wonders He has made and the marvelous acts He has performed--for His glory and our benefit. . . .and may we live, move, and BE in full awareness that we ARE because our God is THERE. . . .holding all things(even Mondays)together by His powerful Word.

May your Tuesday be blessed!



Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my. Thank goodness THAT day is over. My sweet baby lost a tooth too. :(

April said...

i cried the first time one of mine lost a tooth--i remembered how we were so joyful to see that tooth come in and it was SAD to see it go. i hope your finals were an accurate display of all you've learned!!!!