Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Concert--finally!

Wow. Last week went by so quickly! We had the two younger girls' choir concert Friday night, followed all-too-quickly by their choral festival early Saturday morning. That made for quite a tired family by Saturday afternoon, and Sunday--Mother's Day--was a blur of sleepiness, but it also made last week fly by. . .

They had normally scheduled practice Monday night. Gone all day Tuesday. Wednesday night we went grocery shopping(I am forever, forever, EVER writing something on the shopping list! We went again yesterday!). Thursday night they had an extra practice, and Friday was the concert. On WednesDAY last week I realized that we did not have SHOES or STOCKINGS(black!)for the concert, NOR did either of the girls have JEANS that fit for Saturday--so we had to go shopping. Strange how that happens before every concert, but I was really worried this time because our temperatures here are already hitting upper 80s, and I just knew we wouldn't be able to find black closed-toe-and-heel shoes AND jeans this time of year. . .
but God provided. Shoes for two girls--total of $20. Jeans for two girls--total of--WOW--$10.

Deep sigh of relief.

We made it. And the results were great. One day I will have a video to show you that actually has the SOUND we hear at the concert well-represented; but for now, this will have to be adequate. Hope you enjoy!

All three choirs Friday night for the Finale.

My four in Lafayette for the festival Saturday morning.

The Chorus TWENTY who went Saturday--about half of the actual Chorus. They still SOUNDED wonderful--I'll quit bragging now!

And now for the videos:
Possibly my favorite! J is at the top left, second from the end. The Redhead is on the right hand side--second row, end. It's hard to tell exactly where she is.


This one is sweet:


A patriotic tune:


One from the festival Saturday--a tough song I had to learn for Freshman voice in college--they are better than I was! ;-)


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