Monday, May 17, 2010

They Made It!

We had a good weekend. Spent the day Saturday cleaning like some kind of mad woman, but it was needed, as I often find OTHER things to do besides floors, countertops, laundry and the like. I actually cleaned the glass on my front door inside and out, washed the rugs in the entryway, and even double-mopped the ENTIRE downstairs(ok, except for my bedroom--the dustbunnies need SOME place of refuge, right?).

Not every day do I get a visit from a sweet little new nephew, you know. I thought the kids were going to be hanging by their fingernails from the ceilings before Katy, Hunter, my mom and dad arrived around 5:00 Saturday night. . . .everything from "did they get lost?" to "maybe they went back to Mississippi without coming here!" came from their mouths--it was too funny.

We had fun with them all. Hunter is so precious and tiny--sweet baby(OF COURSE!). Katy is so loving and gentle with him, and she just AWES my children--they love her dearly. We are blessed. Mom and Dad just enjoyed the chaos of four big kids adoring one tiny one. TOO sweet!

They will be coming back to stay with us a few days at the end of the week. We can't wait! I am sure I will have pictures to post then--my hands were too full of baby love to take pictures Saturday night!

Happy Monday!

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