Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A blessed mess or, Fiftieth part two

Monday morning, bright and early, my husband's aunt showed up to go with me to HER aunt's house to raid the dish cabinets--trust me, I had NO idea just what I was getting into. She showed up with a huge box of dishes, herself, and so the fun began. Things are really beginning to pile up in the front room for the party.

I was so blessed to spend a couple of hours with these two funny, strong women. I was told lots of family stories, and it was so much fun to see myself in their responses to some of these well-kept-and-loved objects. The objects are loved because of the events and people they remind us of, not because of any intrinsic value.
I am thankful for this anniversary party because it has given me the opportunity to spend time with people I haven't gotten to know yet--in fourteen years of marriage! I am ashamed of that fact, but thankful to have the chance NOW. Family is a treasure.

These are not good pictures, but they show the abundance! She just kept finding dishes. . .three punch bowls to choose from, lace tablecloths galore. . .

Aunt June's gorgeous milk glass platters and a huge grape pattern punch bowl she loaned me.

These candlesticks are my favorite, I think.

A fruit bowl that belonged to my husband's grandmother. She died before he was born.

More beautiful milk glass. This pitcher is HUGE. It will be gorgeous filled with roses!

Tumblers will serve as impromptu vases.

A unique relish tray with gold on the backside of it. Very pretty, if a bit unusual. Fits the family PERFECTLY. :)

One corner of the front room stash.

The other corner of the stash. There is still much to be done, and getting these items to the church will be quite a job in itself.

I'm getting excited!


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Lynn said...

Wow! Talk about fun! I would love to see everything spread out all at once. It bet it would be breathtaking!

About your food post. I get very angry with the ingredients that count as "food." I have gotten to the point where I, too, read everything!