Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue

Hi everyone! It seems that Wednesday is the inspired morning--or possibly just the day that guilt over not posting for a week seems to hit. . .so happy Wednesday again! We have been BUSY, but I seem to not have time for living and blogging about what all we've done, so I will just go ahead with what hit me as fun this morning during my coffee time.

Last post I talked about my project--the rearranging and organizing of school items. Update on that: nothing has been done. NOTHING. The boxes and stacks are still sitting where I left them the last time inspiration struck. I am guessing I will get inspired and energized (though with this HEAT I am SO zapped lately!)and I will get it done SOON. Meanwhile life continues at its fast clip and one long summer day tends to blend into another. THAT is why we have holidays, right?(Ok, not really, but don't they help?)

This past Monday was one of my favorites. Flag Day. June 14. Also happens to be the "friendiversary" when we met our "besties"--but I digress. For the past several years I have awakened children on June 14 with an American flag waving, marching up the stairs and through the hallway, dragging them out of bed while LOUDLY singing "You're A Grand Ol' Flag". lol.
They moan at it, but love it. This year, however, I did NOT.
They missed it.
Kind of funny.
For two weeks they were whispering about "don't tell Mom what next Monday is" and such. I thought by skipping the tradition they would appreciate it more. I may STILL get them on the 4th, though!

Wanted to share the decorating I've done on my front porch for the summer patriotic season. Of course, we are patriotic year-round, but summer seems to lend itself especially well to red, white, and blue.

Fourth of July is my brother's birthday. Makes it extra-special! We love you, Coleman!

Up first, my front door. I love this bunting. It was a bit windy the day I took this picture, but I like the effect of it flowing in the breeze.

See the star on the door? I have an identical one on my kitchen door around the side of the porch. Somehow I managed to not get a picture taken of it, though.

Then there is the large wreath between the front windows:

I thought it dressed up nicely with the big red star. These stars have been inside, above the doors to the sunroom-on-the-north-side(as the kids laugh about it), since we moved into the house four years ago. Shifting them outdoors was a GREAT change!(And having left them where they were for so long was a great challenge to me, too!)

Finally, there is the cool blue of the little happy hydrangea. Lacecap. I LOVE this bush.

Doesn't that color make you take a slow deep breath and just relax instantly? Cool blue.


Happy summer decorating!


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