Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

UGH! What a busy week! The kids--youngers--are in VBS at the church my father-in-law pastors. It is at NIGHT, so they are getting to bed wellllll after ten p.m. That means they are GRUMPY and tired during the day. . .ditto mom, then!

The pool filter pump died; waiting on that new one to come in--this happened last year too--we likely will NOT be using this pool setup again(don't tell the kids).

I've been up to my eyelashes in school book sorting. For the better part of two years I have stacked, re-stacked, moved and shuffled "school stuff" around three or four rooms in the house. Fed up finally, I am doing it RIGHT. The stacks will be vanquished and put "where they belong". Finding that WHERE is the dilemma that takes so long. Undoubtedly SOME of the stuff belongs on ebay--what benefit to keeping used-gently-but-not-quite-right-for-us Instructor's Guides, anyway?

At any rate, THIS will not continue to be the scene!
One thought: It is IMPOSSIBLE to have too many book cases!

And, did I mention it is HOT. Way too hot for this early in the year. Did someone forget to tell the weather that the first day of summer has not EVEN arrived yet? :-)

We have spotted some unique summer "wildlife", though.
This is the elusive PATRIOTIC bunting:

My, the things big sisters DO to little brothers!

We continue to bring in a few cucumbers and the cantaloupe vines have babies now. Our tomatoes are starting to produce ripe fruit. I am LOVING the heirloom yellow ones I have tasted(sorry no pictures!).

There is a fruit fly invasion in my kitchen. GROSS. How does a person get RID of them without RAID?

Oh! A new sweet baby boy picture:
Isn't he a happy little thing?
(Not to mention cute.)

Happy Winds-Day to all my piglet, pooh and eeyore friends! ;)



Gabrielle said...

Whenever you figure out a good method of organizing your homeschool gear, please do a blog post on it so we can learn from you! I'd rather start out organizing them well instead of staying behind the whole time, and of course we're a couple years away from homeschooling.

LOVE the picture of your little boy! So funny!

Here's a natural solution to your fruit fly issues: But if you have drain flies instead of fruit flies, this won't work. Don't ask me how I know. =)

Lynn said...

April, I know what you mean about stacks and stacks and moving them around again and again and again! Sigh. I've done it too. I still have stacks, but also tons of bookshelves. When you find the answer, please let me know!

I love the baby boy picture. So sweet. :)

It's hot here too. Blech.