Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fifty Year Celebration pt.3

This past weekend we celebrated my husband's parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful day, full and tiring, but very much worth the effort. As we were preparing on Friday and Saturday, I was often tempted to think "all this for two hours' party?" But I know the truth is that our time devoted to this was just a small token of the debt children owe to their parents who have been determined and committed and make it that far down the road to forever together. Also, the Bible teaches that children should honor their parents. So my prayer became "Lord, help them to know they are loved and honored through our efforts here." He helped us, I am convinced, just as He has helped Roger and Janice through their years of LIFE together.

Here are some pictures, in no particular order, from the special day.

The happy couple now:

and then:
We had the celebration at the same church they were married in 50 years ago!

The cake topper up close:

The cake.

Guest registry table. It also contained the box for the memory cards guests filled out for R&J. I loved the old family pictures displayed, too. Brings the family heritage to the present day. Pretty special. Mrs. Jan really like that, too.

A better view of the arch with the cake.

A better view of the whole room.

Beautiful banner made for them by a friend of the family. She did a great job!

Closer sight of the registry table.

I meant to get a few pictures of the centerpieces we did with milk glass and fresh flowers, but this will have to do. I was rather actively busy during the entire thing, since we were slightly shorthanded on help. Three of my helpers were not able to make it as of the final week before the event, but as usual God was faithful and we managed just fine, anyway!

Each table had a minimum of three vases, a small dish of mints and possibly a candle along with a card we had printed with scriptures that have been particularly meaningful to R&J through the years. The tables were scattered with "50" gold confetti, gold crosses, and rose petals in pink and yellow. They were really pretty!

My husband's older brother got their car shortly after they arrived.
Then he took a picture of it and we zipped it into the slide show of old photos that was being projected onto one wall.

I had to include this picture because of the handsome guy standing beside the table. I am so blessed that he's mine!

Here we have the groom's cake--a yummy carrot cake from Whole Foods. OH MY! was it good! Their first car they bought was a VW. . . it was a hit.

For the "head" table(not really, but I don't know what else to call it), I decorated with glassware that had belonged to R&J's mothers years ago. They appreciated the thought behind that. I also set the cake topper used at Mrs. Jan's parents' 50th anniversary on her mom's cake stand and surrounded it with flowers.

Here is the groom's cake table. We had mini cheesecakes(Whole Foods again--DELICIOUS!), scrumptious brownie bites(my best friend made), and of course the carrot cake. Not bad, considering the groom really doesn't like sweets all that much . . .

I learned so much from doing this event. It was the first time I've had to pursue doing something like this on my own, and I learned that I can do it, with the Lord's help and if my heart is right. That last point is so crucial. God is teaching me so much right now about truly loving and serving others rather than being wrapped up in my own insecurities(which are really nothing other than selfishness). I learned also that I should trust my instincts for things much more than I do. So many things that people loved about the day were ideas I had and almost didn't do because I second-guessed myself on them. I felt so blessed to be able to pull this together for them. I am thankful for the spiritual heritage they have built over the years, and for being able to participate in that heritage by serving alongside my husband and seeking to raise our kids to walk with Jesus too.

Such rich blessings!


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Gabrielle said...

Wow! I don't know what I loved more: seeing how beautiful everything turned out and the creative things you guys did, or reading about your own growth through the process of putting this together.

Great job! I'm sure they felt blessed and honored by all of this!