Friday, July 9, 2010

Make a Cake Topper

For my in-laws' 50th anniversary celebration, I wanted the cake to be the centerpiece of the party, and I wanted the topper to be sentimental and special, not something I just picked up in a box at the store--no matter how many hours I could have spent perusing those little items alone!

A few weeks before the party, I found this pretty little Lefton frame at one of my local shopping haunts:

The gold lettering, pink ribbons, roses, OBVIOUSLY the "50th Anniversary"--it had my name all over it, didn't it? At a near-steal, I whisked it away, unsure where I would use it in decorating for the event, but certain that it WOULD come in handy. :)

A week out and still without a topper for the hard-to-acquire cake, I began in earnest to dig through the things I had bought and borrowed, searching for an idea. I had glibly picked up a cake topper base at Hobby Lobby "just in case" I found something fun to make one with. I pulled this out, along with the little frame and some corsage flowers and ribbon I had used on two wreaths for the party, grabbed my glue gun, and set out "trying" something. Here are the steps in the process, just in case YOU wondered!

I threaded a doubled length of tulle on a piece of wire and fashioned that into a circle, glued it to the base, and added an alternating pattern of corsage leaves and tiny flowers around the outer edges, gluing securely, and as flat as possible. Next, I gathered some of the gold wired ribbon into a fluffly circle and attached it beneath my tulle ruffle around the base, just to dress it up a bit.

Then, I situated the frame right on top of the base and glued it securely.

Back and front views, so far. . .

It still looked quite sparse, so I began filling in with larger flowers and leaves. I added some simple golden wedding bands to the front to tie the gold on the frame into the gold on the ribbon around the base. The front is starting to look really pretty now.

I continued gluing elements around the sides, and then I realized that the back was a particular problem, as the frame was tall and PLAIN back there. My plan was to have the cake centered in the reception hall under a wedding arch, so BOTH sides needed to be pretty. I came up with a "fan" of the tulle, yet again, wired securely at one end and trimmed to the right height to kind of overlap the top of the frame slightly. It looks rather like a veil, I think.

I glued more roses on either side, kind of making mini-arrangements with them until I was happy with the fullness and the base of the frame was nicely hidden.

Here's the back, all finished. The frame still SHOWS, but it's not plain. I stopped short of "plastering" it with more flowers. It would have gotten too fat and would have lost its simplicity, although some pearl sprays to give it more height would have been nice, if I had any at the time.

Of course, the crowning touch is the photo of the couple on their wedding day 50 years ago.

It was a pretty touch for the ivory-on-ivory three tier cake, and my Mother-in-law really appreciated the way it looked.

I was pleased!


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