Saturday, July 10, 2010

Memory Box Project

For the anniversary celebration, I wanted some fun way for the guests to leave their well-wishes and some fun memories of their years of friendship with the honored couple, without being a bit too cliche'. The ubiquitous wishing well was out, though I thought of it first. I have seen people do a painted tree-branch-thing, but didn't want that to be confused with a money tree(R&J were adamant about NO GIFTS). The cutesy birdcage/card holder thing appealed to ME, and would have been easy, but my father-in-law has--well--shaky relationships with all things feathered, and I didn't want to even HINT of them at the party, therefore. I was STUCK.

Here's what I came up with.

First, I purchased a paper mache' heart-shaped box from Hobby Lobby. On sale. Great!

I bought spray paint in gold.

I picked a beautiful piece of scrapbook paper to cover the lid.

First I traced the outline of the lid on the back side of the paper, then I cut it out with the rotary cutter(small size). It worked like a charm on the curves of the heart. I was pleasantly surprised!

Next I spray painted the WHOLE thing--box and lid, inside and out--with the gold paint. After the fact I wished I had purchased two colors of gold for a more dimensional effect, but the one coat worked well enough. You may want to be sure your paint and scrapbook paper are close to the same color, though. I missed that detail and although it turned out okay, I would rather have had a little more sparkle on the sides of the box.

Let all of it dry, then decide where you want your slot for the cards to go. I made mine approximately 1/3 inch tall and 3 inches wide. Again, I marked it with a ruler and used the rotary cutter. Worked great.

Using your new opening on the lid, mark for your slot on the scrapbook paper. Then cut it out--be sure you are working from the back of the paper, or your slot will not be in the right place!

Glue the paper to the lid.


Now, wasn't that fun?

Oops. I forgot to mention the cards. I wanted postcard size or even gift-enclosure size plain ivory card stock cards for this project, but simply could not find them locally and was out of time to order them online. What did we use?

Shipping tags. Manila shipping tags with strings. They were so fun! People could use several and tie them together into booklets if they had a LOT to say, and we purchased a stamp and gold ink to put "Memories" on the front of each one. It was a nice touch.

The Redhead did this for me.

This idea would work well for a bridal shower(advice/recipes/best wishes) or a birthday(sky's the limit on what could go on the cards). An appreciation box would be great for a retirement party(stamp an appropriate message on the tags). The box could obviously be done in a different color/paper combination. Coordinating ribbons on the tags. Ribbon around the box. Decoupage the box with copies of old photos. Glue embellishments to the lid. ENDLESS ideas!

My mother-in-law was thrilled to have a special box for keeping the memories cards and other keepsakes from the day also.

Glad I followed my heart on this idea!

Have you done something similar?


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Lynn said...

April, that is a GREAT idea! That would indeed work for many occasions. Thanks for sharing the idea.


PS -- Follow your heart on moving around furniture today. :)