Friday, July 23, 2010

Our life in pictures

Here are random shots I found on my camera when I uploaded pictures this week. Kids have been using it, apparently.
I took this one last week. She was waiting for breakfast. One way or another.

Here are the Lego Beverly Hillbillies, I think:

Their house.
I am ALWAYS surprised at the elaborate things they make out of colored plastic! Elaborate, I tell you. Imagination!

Here are two things that hang in the upstairs hallway:

Can you see the little palm trees beside the numbers?

and the sunshine and waves?

Can you guess where we're going at the end of these countdown markers(Now they are down to 3)?

See you at the end of next week. We're off to Pawley's Island SOUTH Carolina(Martha Stewart Magazine goofed this month's publication, saying P.I. is in NORTH Carolina. OOOPS!). We will be visiting my Mom's sister and some friends we don't see very often while we're gone.

I have so much packing and even MORE cleaning to get done!

See you later!


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