Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Teeny-Tiny Pink Princess Kitty Cat Cake Decorating Birthday Party Part Two

Written late Saturday night. Late. At night. Finished TONIGHT. ;-)
It was today. The much-planned, long-anticipated, TENTH BIRTHDAY PARTY of the Redhead.
I have told you before how much she enjoys planning her birthday party each year--so much so that I have to hold her off till June, lest she start the day AFTER The Current Party with her next year's planning. . . .(some people do that for Christmas and Thanksgiving, I realize! That's ok, as such celebrations are for the greater good. . . but BIRTHDAYS? Well . . . )

That about SAYS it, I'm just SAYIN'!

Anyway, here she is today. Ten years and four days. Sweet as can be.
So ladylike. Dainty, even.

Was I speaking of the lady, or the KittyCat? ;-)

She and Kit had matching party dresses, thanks to Mamaw!

There were gifts, of course:

She has been PLEADING for a violin. Now, for LESSONS.

Mamaw also found a pair of Kit-and-Redhead matching KITTY CAT PJs! My goodness. What a SMILE!
A tea set for her doll-friends.

Her tenth birthday bear from Grandmother.

There were cupcakes to be DECORATED:

Friends to help escalate the FUN.

Isn't she pretty? I hope all her wishes come true.

Happy Tenth Birthday, sweet girl. You make life a joy!

~mama D.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My sweet redhead turns ten today. She's a good big sister.

An attentive listener.

More of a kitty cat than her two sisters. . . cuddly cuddly!

Keeps us smiling with her silly "sweet eyes".

LOVES her Strawberry Shortcake--

Goes full speed at everything, ever since she first arrived.

Yet, such a sweet little lady.

More Strawberry.

Big blue eyes and a twirly skirt are standard issue with the Redhead.

She adores a birthday party!
and yes, she had Strawberry two years in a row. . .

A good little sister--the cheerleader of the pack!

Sweet as a rose!

She loves her littlest best friend--Anna Rose.

Looks good in hats.

Works hard.
Looks sweet doing it!

Keeps a best friend close at hand.
Blesses us all with her energy and imagination and LOTS of hugs.

Happy # 10, Gracie! We love you!!!!!!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweet baby boy video


My sweet little nephew. Sure wish we could see him in person! He's getting CHUBBY! :-)
love baby feet and tummies.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Teeny-Tiny Pink Princess Kitty Cat Cake Decorating Birthday Party


She decided on a theme for her party. Kind of. We had to combine to get them all in there(bet you couldn't figure THAT out! ;-)).

Will be posting details on the Redhead's Tenth as they are gathered. . . .

Thought you'd like to know we finally figured out a theme, though:

"Teeny-Tiny-Pink-Princess-Kitty-cat, Cake Decorating Birthday Party"

They only turn ten once!

Don't you think the teeny tiny princess kitty-cat will be PLEASED?
Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vacation's Come. . . and Gone

We had a wonderful eight days away.
The beach--first in Pawleys Island, SC, and then in North Myrtle Beach, SC-- was beautiful.
We logged 45 hours in the car. 1,950 miles.

The kids had such fun seeing first their cousins, and then their friends. I guess it goes without saying that the grownups enjoyed the company, too.

Vacation worked. We are glad to be back HOME. There's no place like it!