Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Teeny-Tiny Pink Princess Kitty Cat Cake Decorating Birthday Party Part Two

Written late Saturday night. Late. At night. Finished TONIGHT. ;-)
It was today. The much-planned, long-anticipated, TENTH BIRTHDAY PARTY of the Redhead.
I have told you before how much she enjoys planning her birthday party each year--so much so that I have to hold her off till June, lest she start the day AFTER The Current Party with her next year's planning. . . .(some people do that for Christmas and Thanksgiving, I realize! That's ok, as such celebrations are for the greater good. . . but BIRTHDAYS? Well . . . )

That about SAYS it, I'm just SAYIN'!

Anyway, here she is today. Ten years and four days. Sweet as can be.
So ladylike. Dainty, even.

Was I speaking of the lady, or the KittyCat? ;-)

She and Kit had matching party dresses, thanks to Mamaw!

There were gifts, of course:

She has been PLEADING for a violin. Now, for LESSONS.

Mamaw also found a pair of Kit-and-Redhead matching KITTY CAT PJs! My goodness. What a SMILE!
A tea set for her doll-friends.

Her tenth birthday bear from Grandmother.

There were cupcakes to be DECORATED:

Friends to help escalate the FUN.

Isn't she pretty? I hope all her wishes come true.

Happy Tenth Birthday, sweet girl. You make life a joy!

~mama D.


Liz said...

Oh she IS darling! I love the picture of her with her doll and matching outfit. What a cutie! :)

Love the cupcake decorating idea!


Allison said...

We had so much fun. Note to us, start planning NOW for next year. LOL. Thanks for being here Redhead.

Lindy said...

That's just the sweetest girls birthday party ever. I love the ideas I can use for my grandtwins next birthday party! So cute.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a happy day and a truly darling girl. May she be truly blessed in the coming year.