Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My sweet redhead turns ten today. She's a good big sister.

An attentive listener.

More of a kitty cat than her two sisters. . . cuddly cuddly!

Keeps us smiling with her silly "sweet eyes".

LOVES her Strawberry Shortcake--

Goes full speed at everything, ever since she first arrived.

Yet, such a sweet little lady.

More Strawberry.

Big blue eyes and a twirly skirt are standard issue with the Redhead.

She adores a birthday party!
and yes, she had Strawberry two years in a row. . .

A good little sister--the cheerleader of the pack!

Sweet as a rose!

She loves her littlest best friend--Anna Rose.

Looks good in hats.

Works hard.
Looks sweet doing it!

Keeps a best friend close at hand.
Blesses us all with her energy and imagination and LOTS of hugs.

Happy # 10, Gracie! We love you!!!!!!



Allison said...

What a good job you did mom. She is everything you said and more. I hope Anna gets all those sweet traits from her friend. Love you Gracie.

Judy said...

So sweet. Wish I could have had some strawberry shortcake! Happy, happy year 10!

Gabrielle said...

Aw, I love all the pictures you posted. So sweet. I still remember her as a baby & toddler. She's beautiful, but then all your kids are. Happy birthday!

Barry said...