Thursday, October 28, 2010

It looks like it may turn out to be. . . .

feels like it will undoubtedly. . . .
looks like a RATHER blustery day---to-day!
I love Pooh bear. He was a discovery of joy for me later in life, as I didn't really come to know and love the silly old bear till after I was married. My husband's niece was two at the time, and she LOVED Pooh so much that as part of our wedding-gift spending, we purchased the classic Disney video! When our firstborn came on the scene eleven months later, I would put the video on in the afternoons sometimes when she and I were together playing in the living room--she was too little then to care about the television, but it was always nice background talk and music, and before long she could watch and then sing along with the songs. Too sweet!
They grow up too fast.(I know I keep saying that, post after post--I guess that should be my blog subtitle!)
Anyway, TODAY here we are finally getting the wind that has been sweeping across the country this week. The humidity is in the lower 40s, and it FEELS LIKE FALL outside. WOW!

Enough to inspire SOMETHING. . .haven't quite figured out what, though. For now, though, I am puttering around the house humming the "blustery day" tune from Winnie the Pooh.
(ta-ta for now!)


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