Monday, October 25, 2010

School Shelves Update

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You may recall that a few weeks ago I posted pictures of the very EMPTY new shelves my husband kindly spent Labor Day weekend assembling. . . some lovely readers have since asked how they filled up, turned out, are serving me, or if they are all I had hoped. . . so here's the update.

First, a picture of the VERY FULL SHELVES.

In answer to are they filled up--YES.
Are they serving me? YES.
Are they ALL I had hoped--well, not exactly.
Is ANY shelf ever able to hold ALL that I would desire to put on it? Doubtful! That said, it is wonderful to have things in arm's reach from my($10 Goodwill find, VERY STURDY) chair.
I have simply had to resign my (rahther perfectionistic, ahem!)self to the ongoing need for boxes to hold things that we are not currently in danger of using. I still have not found a great place to store those boxes, but for now the space between the Monstrous Cabinet and the french door is working okay.
The room is still too full. It is full of a piano.
Wonderful though it is, this piano is in need of a "room of its own". Too bad we built its room so large, because whatever space it goes into, it totally dominates. That said, I have to resign myself(ah-GAIN! ahem!)to the less-than-perfect arrangement of storing SOME bins of things UNDER the oh-so-grand. . . sigh.
I have even entertained notions of hiring someone to come MOVE the piano to the "front room" which is much smaller.
Then it could sit happily on its three legs and dominate without quite taking up so much living area--THAT room has bookshelves, too. It is looking better as a result of my school shelves' addition!(Thankfully!) The shelves still need major straightening, now that I removed so many books from them. I do apologize for the messy picture!

Here's a picture of the school-table-in-use with kids sitting there--we are still dragging chairs from the dining table to the school table, as I haven't found folding chairs that are both comfy AND in my price range--YET.

The piano is just behind C to the left--I was probably leaning against it to get this picture. She is sitting on the piano bench to be at the table--that's just how close they are!

The end result? Well, to me the room still feels and looks terribly cluttered. It is a shame because the best view of the back yard is through the windows of this room. Combined, the piano and the school table really keep the view hidden.

I would like to , ultimately, keep this room as a school room/sitting area, removing the piano to another space like the front room where it can be enjoyed and on its own while we are able to enjoy our sunroom-on-the-north-side for a peaceful learning/lounging area.

I don't know when that will happen. Have to convince the hubby first :-). He's been ducking lately when I get that stand-and-stare look in my eyes--
and then there's the OTHER question:


Happy Fall rearranging!


Sunny simple life said...

We are fellow homeschoolers too so I know your struggle with where to put and how to organize all that stuff. I finally had to use bins labeled by subject and store in the garage. I have on graduated and one still not yet started so I have every grade to store around here. I think it looks really nice and organized.

Lynn said...

April, my husband ducks most of the time now, but I figure the stage after that will be just not coming home at all, so it's probably wise to give them some breathing room between projects! :)

I love your room! We migrate from one spot to another. I just do NOT have a school room. But wouldn't it be wonderful to have a dedicated room, exactly the way we want it?

I did create a music spot for our school work, which I consider a big part of school. Do you feel it adds educational value to have the piano in the school room? Could you sort of take advantage of it that way? Maybe incorporate pictures of composers, a music timeline, etc? (Just tryin' to help. Sheepish grin.)

Happy Tuesday to you!

Traci said...

Thanks for visiting me! My parents just moved & they also have a piano. We were able to rent a professional piano dolly for $20 & it made it sooo much easier to move.

Ginger said...

Oh, what Brooke would give for that piano!!! :^)

Love all your shelves! But I'm sure, as another homeschooling mom, you figured I would!