Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seven Years Old

My baby boy turned SEVEN today. Hard to believe. I say that for every kids' birthday, but REALLY. He is the BABY. They're all growing too fast!

I think he had a good WEEK--we started celebrating his birthday Sunday, and ended with a few close friends over for dinner tonight.
Sunday's party setting(above).

Today's party table.

His theme this year was Hank the Cowdog, and we had quite a bit of fun with it!

Pictures speak louder than words.

The amazing thing about his gift-opening this year(other than NOT cutting a finger open with his much-used pocketknife) was his CONTINUAL excitement.

Not a single "oh, that's nice" to a gift, but EXCITEMENT.

If he was acting, he is GOOD.

No cowboy worth his salt goes without a stringed instrument. . . we had quite the mandolin concert Sunday.
(Move on over, Kenny Hutson!)

Today they had a "rattlesnake toss" competition. He's got good form for reptile flingin'!

Minnie mouse wore her pink boots to the party.

There were a few tough characters.

The occasional happy cowhand.

Goodies for guys and for cowgirls, too.

Cake. Complete with ranch.

The boy had some "directing" to do as we sang "Happy Birthday"--we had to sing "Happy Birthday Hank the Cowdog"!

Happy Birthday to you, Brennan! I love you!


Lynn said...

April, I loved looking at these pictures. Your children are so sweet looking. You have a beautiful family.

So are your school bookshelves filled up yet? LOL. I can't seem to keep enough shelves!!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh that cake is TOOO much! You made it didn't you. Love the favor bags too. Clever mom.

Gabrielle said...

Happy Birthday to Brennan! Your kids are growing up too fast!