Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We've been--

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .sewing!

That makes me really, really happy. See, I enjoy sewing, but am not practicedly good at it, and so to take time to clear a surface, drag out supplies, FIND A PATTERN(accompanied by read the pattern, cut the pattern, mark the pattern, then FOLLOW the pattern--eek!), and ignore other responsibilities for a few hours is really not something I do often.
Yesterday, The Redhead asked for a holiday dress for Ruthie. I thought that sounded reasonable. Nothing too fancy. I had fabric she liked. We just needed a SIMPLE pattern.

Google free 18" doll dress pattern, and see what pops up. PLENTY. We stumbled across this great site, , linked to another great site from there: , and ended up with this:

Now. We already OWN some of these patterns, and I didn't drag them out of their box! I used these from the site because they were printable in PDF and I could just pick the pages I wanted to print, cut, and dispose of--if so decided--without tiny pieces to corral. Convenient! We settled on Samantha's party dress--the red one--because it is SIMPLE, right! :-)

A-HEM! Right.

Have you ever heard of "puff sleeves"?

Perhaps a certain redhead from a series of cherished girlhood novels comes to mind? Anne-with-an-E, perhaps?
You will remember that Anne wanted a dress with PUFF sleeves and Marilla REFUSED because they wasted fabric.(Noticing a redhead thread in this subject, too, btw!)
I now contest that the sleeves and the PUFFS were the issue, rather than the fabric. We will just say that getting those gathers RIGHT was a challenge--THREE times. Yes. I made a two-sleeved-dress' sleeves THREE times.
That's because the first time had to be done, ripped out, and re-done.

But it was FUN. And when the bodice and sleeves were finished, I was CHARMED.

The little ivory lace overlay(made with lace from my grandmother's sewing kit) was so SWEET!

So this morning I did the skirt. Talk about gathers! Gathers for days and days and days. I am SO GLAD this was SMALL and not human-sized!

It was fun to see it coming together on the machine:
Ruthie tried it on, and I think she likes it:

The Redhead is pleased. Mission accomplished.
Now J wants one too. *sigh*

She's got to pick fabric first. That may give me a few days. Thinking about some roman shades for the dining area, while the machine is already out. . . .

Happy crafting!



Ginger said...

You did a great job!!! Love, love, love it! Oh, that mine still played with dolls.....

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I a giving my niece my favorite book ever.... Anne with an "E".

Your package was mailed on Monday. I hope it makes it. If not, you'll be ahead of the game next year. :)

Have a wonderful holiday!