Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of the Old Year

What are we doing tonight at the end of 2010? For that matter, what have we been doing for the last half of December? Well, buckle up and settle in. I may just be working on this post till the New Year arrives!

I have spent the last three days clearing away the Christmas clutter and decorations, and tonight I am prepping the house to celebrate my J's 12th birthday with friends and family tomorrow. Her birthday isn't till the 4th, but we decided to ring in the new year with a celebration of her (rather significant) birthday.

Kids are watching The Polar Express(still catching up on the holiday movies they didn't get to watch while they were sick--we're a bit behind on our traditions!). I made salsa and queso for their snacking urges tonight. The cockatiel went crazy when she saw tortilla chips with CHEESE. Cheese is her favorite; if it happens to be on a crunchy snack, all the better. I had to rescue it from her eager attempts to land in it. :-)

We finally purchased a new dining table this week, for a GREAT deal. All I will say is the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store is a well-kept secret!
Here's a picture of the table:

It is 88 inches long(with the leaf)! That's almost a full three feet larger than our previous one!

We didn't get chairs, though. They will come later. We are actually looking at benches for the sides, as they seat more AND have fewer legs to sweep around. I like these:

I thought I would share some of our Christmas fun this year:

Our main little tree--in the main area off the kitchen. This was the morning of the 23rd, and the kids had spent the night "under" the tree. We surprised them by opening gifts that morning, since on Christmas Eve we were going to my Mom's and Dad's house. This way they had a full day to enjoy their gifts before leaving them. I love, love, love the morning light in this area, anytime of year, but the SPARKLE of Christmas is magical!

They were so sweet, all snuggled up together. . .

Opening gifts:

This is a funny sequence: J opening the package. . .

"OH! A big blue blanket. O-kayyyyyy"
"Wait, it has sleeves?"
She looks more like the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come here!

Finally, laughing so hard she had to come up for air. She DID eventually get the thing straightened out, and was nearly inseparable from it during the recent cold snap. :)
C painted for her a bird figure to look like "Doodle"(aka, Noname, the cockatiel).
C got a PLANT--Clivia "Good Hope". That's it on the table behind her.
Have you ever seen someone so happy over plastic flowerpots?
They ARE self-watering, but REALLY???

The Redhead FINALLY got her redheaded friend, Felicity.

Legos. Legos. LEGOS.

On Christmas Eve we went "home" to the country. We spent the night and had Christmas Day with Mom and Dad and my Uncle.
And the dogs.
Amos enjoyed gazing in at all the goings-on--including the warm fireplace and the FOOD.

Incidentally, this is the dog who would be running crazily around right now, judging from the noise outside--he loves fireworks-- it must now be 12:00 a.m.--so HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I think if I were a dog I would be more of the hides-under-the-bed-for-loud-noises type. . .

I will have to continue this post sometime next week.

I'm going to hide under the covers!

May your new year be blessed and filled with the peace that passes understanding.



Allison said...

What a sweet ending for the sweetest family we know. To my friend who has such a gift for words and all things lovely. May we both strive for what the Lord wants from us this year. <3

Anita said...

Thanks for stopping by and offering words of encouragement!! I love looking at your home pictures....such a sweet cottage look!!