Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Oh. My. Goodness.

Let me explain first. I am one of those people who never, EVER, EVER-EVER won anything spontaneously or otherwise IN MY LIFE.

You can imagine my surprise then, back just before Thanksgiving, when a bloggy friend of mine--Laura at Decor to Adore emailed to let me know I had won her giveaway. I was shocked. Stunned. Thrilled. Excited.
A week later the sweet little package arrived full of goodies--I only wish I had been using a camera rather than a cell phone, but I was so excited that I was doing good to even remember that I needed a picture if I would be blogging. . . .
A box chock-full of Thanksgiving/Fall goodies. Napkins, dish towels, soap, lotion, salt and pepper shakers, a cute little scarecrow(who will perfectly replace the one I discarded because the cat ate it!). . .notepad and other goodies. FUN! Plenty to keep me OFF the "seasonal" aisle at the local big-box store NEXT fall, let me tell you! (My husband thanks you too, Laura!)

~Please excuse the countertop mess also inadvertently in the picture. We live in my kitchen!~

So the holidays ensued. Christmas in all its tinsel and glitter and GLORY. . .
Fuzzy picture to indicate passage of time--aren't I CLEVER???

THEN, on New Year's Eve, I received an email from Minimaker--Gaye--that I had somehow been randomly picked to win HER giveaway--on her blog, My Small Obsession.
This week the package arrived with the MINI things in it. Enough mini goodies to get my new dollhouse up and running for Christmas stylishly-and-yet-vintagey(how did she KNOW that was a perfect fit for me?)!
Teensy shiny-brite-like ornaments, a Grinch card, a LETTER--to Santa, or FROM a loved one overseas? A mini-mini dollhouse kit--CUTENESS!
A mini television with the mini dvd already playing-- A Christmas Story. . .
"It's a MAJOR AWARD!" ;-)
These cookies take the cake--TINY CUTENESS!!!!! Sorry the picture is fuzzy. Not to indicate time passing, but just to indicate my less-than-wonderful camera HATES my shaky hand AND up-close picture-taking! I wish you could see the detail, especially on the tiny Santa face cookie!

Ah, rolls of gift wrap and ribbons in a beautiful gift bag. Isn't it wonderful? The bag is just one-and-a-half inches tall!

I am so excited(Did I say that already?)!

So here is my official blog-world THANK YOU to these two fun, creative, giving ladies who have blessed me with PRETTIES.

Do me a favor and hop over to check out their much-better-than-mine blogs. They both really do wonderful work!

NOW, I am really wanting to do a giveaway, but am wondering what in the world lil' ol' me could offer. . . still thinking it over, but KNOW that it is percolating around in my wee little brain.

I still can't believe I WON something! :)

Happy day to yoU!



Sherry said...

Congratulations, April!!! Love the mini-wrapping paper and bows!!!

Barry said...

They could not have picked a lovelier winner!

~MiniMaker said...

Congratulations, April! Just out of curiosity, did you look inside the little envelope? There is a letter in it. =)

Oh, and just to let everyone know, the gift bag is a printie from Jennifers's Printables, the ornament box and the wrapping paper are from TreeFeathers Miniatures, the Grinch card is from The Fabulous Farmhouse and the dollhouse kit box came from Jean Day Miniatures.

Have a lovely day!