Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage Christmas Pretties

Please forgive me if it seems that I'm at least a couple of weeks behind where the calendar says I SHOULD be. It feels that way too, but I have been going through old pictures and blog posts-not-yet-published this week, along with the dozens and dozens of pictures we took at Christmas, so I decided to do a quick post for today of some of my Mom's beautiful vintage Christmas things. Of course, there are quite a few non-vintage items mixed in, but I think my Mom does an AMAZING job arranging all her pretties for Christmas. (I may be partial, but see what YOU think! Her house is so warm and sweet, with little welcomy touches everywhere, but especially at Christmas!)

And so the tour begins:
As you would come up the walk to Mom's front porch, there is this little scene:
I love the old hand pump, set up as if it were ready to work, and the millstone used as a base for the bird bath. Then, a small wheelbarrow that my brother had as a young one is placed next to the front door, containing festive holiday tins. I forgot to take a picture of her front door!

If YOU were to visit Mom's, this vignette would greet you beside the door:
I love this old piano, the clock on the wall above it that used to hang in my Grandfather's fireplace room, and the little pretty things she has set out on the piano(including grandchild artwork from years past).

Up close, a pretty little girl and a lovely vase.
A closer shot of the little singing angel girl.
That sweet pink rosebud is almost enough to make ME want to leave her on display all year!

On top of the piano, another old clock(what a great face! lol!), and three little ceramic bells that have been around for at least thirty years--I remember one night some school child came by our house selling them for a fundraiser for his school. I was seven, I think, at the time!

Mom found these whimisical candles this year. Aren't they CUTE?
Rubber boots!
Only SHE could get away with displaying them in Lefton candleholders, I think. :)

Moving across the room, we see the largest vintage Christmas item in the house: the TREE. It was a prize my Grandmother won at Woolworth's one year in the late 1960's. There is nothing like it to make ornaments show off oh-so-prettily. Mom keeps wishing to get a new tree, but I say "don't you dare!" It IS pretty, all dressed up.

Close-ups of a few of my favorite ornaments:
I love this shiny-brite.
And its friends.
Mom loves birds!

Though we don't ever set out to color-coordinate the tree, it amazes me how the colors ALL go together so well at Christmas.
A reminder that
"At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." He is the King of Kings!
The woodstove, complete with cookies and milk(my kids do this though they've known*about* Santa since they were big enough to talk!) AND stockings, hung with CARE.
Moving around the room from the woodstove, there is the organ, which holds a beautiful angel trumpeting the Good News: Christ the Savior is born!
We also have these quiet little deer that I loved so much when I was a child. They appear to be peeking out between trees, though they are hiding behind the music holder instead.
There are little villages in a few places:

Notice the sweet little angel girl and reindeer!
Here we see two little Lefton ladies out for a walk in the "snow". These monochrome houses are so pretty! I should have cropped the picture, but I didn't, so now you get to see part of Mom's music collection. :)

And finally, in the kitchen, the true heart of the home, there is not quite so much to see, but it is still lovely. On the sweets table, Mom has this little tin. He holds a yummy treat EVERY year--holiday M&Ms. MMMMMmmmmm! One of my favorite decorations, still!
He's guarding the cookie jar!

And finally a picture of almost the whole crew just before Christmas dinner. Dad was holding the camera, but you can see my hubby, me, Mom, the Redhead, J, C, the Boy, and my dad's brother. We had a fun time all together for a special day.
It was a very Merry Christmas!

Thanks for putting up with my late-seasonal posts! I am linking today to Vintage Thingie Thursday over at Coloradolady-pop over there to see some FUN things!



Pam said...

It's never too late for Christmas photos in my opinion. I like that vase. We had a tree from the 60's in the 60's, but it didn't look as good as your Mom's.

Sherry said...

Hi, April....It is so good to meet another MS girl! I'm glad you're following my blog now....maybe you will recognize a few landmarks. I'm following you, too.

LV said...

What a wonderful post. Filled with so many memories and vintage treasures.

l said...

it looks so lovely and wonderful!
happy new year to you my friend!

Allison said...

I can see where the gift of decorating comes from. Your mom's house is sweet in any season not so much for the decor but the sweetness that flows in it all year. Love you both.

blue eyed dragonfly studio said...

Your holly vase is very pretty. Have a wonderful Thursday.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, how I enjoyed the tour and all of the vintage goodies! I love the ornaments too and the bird ones are so pretty. Happy VTT!

Margie said...

it's always fun to look at Christmas goodies ... no matter what time of year! you're mom has lots of nice things ... we had a room at home we called "the fireplace room" but it's the first time i've ever heard anyone else use that term! thank you for visiting me, please stop by again!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love your sweet vintage angels.

Thank you so much for your much appreciated input on my office. I adore you!