Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whatever Happened to Winter, Anyway?

WOW! Spring, for all intents and purposes, appears to have ARRIVED here in the swampy lands! I never paid much attention to the old groundhog, but it seems he was correct this year! Soon, THESE will be up!

I have been DOWN for a week, basically, with some sort of ickiness. It's hard to describe, but my ENERGY was so gone that I would look at something that needed, badly, to be done and just SIGH.
Then I'd sit down and stare off into somewhere. This is significant because 1. I never sit, and 2. I never sit without at least READING. I was so tired, though, that I didn't even want to READ.
That was Thursday thru Saturday, which day I spent practically in bed ALL DAY. I began to feel better Sunday, much better on Monday, and today I am bouncing off the walls--even doing odd necessary-but-normally-avoidable things like mailing in the letter to the state for our homeschool registration!

This morning and thru the day today I've been watching BIRDS again!!!! We have the customary brilliant red cardinals, but along with them are the BLUE birds(oh, I love those) scouting out my little house, and the juncos arrived this morning, flitting thru the crepe myrtles and into my SFG boxes--ahem, I hope they don't like radish seeds, as we planted those YESTERDAY! :) Maybe they were just eating sugar ants and the nasty icky centipedes!

We did have a busy start to the week last week, as we had co-op and Valentine's Day on Monday, Speech Club Tuesday, and a visit with friends on Wednesday. Thursday I stayed in bed all day, Friday the kids went to the park and I sat in the van while I watched them play . . . Saturday in bed again. . .oh, I am repeating myself!

Here are pictures from co-op. The girls did card making, an appropriate craft for Valentine's Day!
The Redhead picking a pretty paper.

C, J, and the Redhead working alongside one another. :)
One of J's projects.

The boys did woodworking. They built TOOLBOXES!
Holding his tongue just right!
He is SO proud of that toolbox!

I want to show you my Valentine's Day gift--first, you need to *imagine the basket* it goes in(I hope you have a good imagination!).
Maybe something like this:

or this would be nice:

Anyway, it goes in a BASKET --in my mind(that's what he told me, honest!).
Here is the filling:

Dark chili pepper chocolate, YUMMYYUMMYYUMMY PJ's coffee, magnetic mega clips(can never have too many of those! lol!), and a bucket of multi-size binder clips(again, too many is a near impossibility!)
Got to love a man who coddles my love of office supplies. :) And coffee.
And isn't it a BEAUTIFUL gift basket? ;)

I took the afternoon OFF for Valentine's Day. Spent the whole day READING(come to think of it I was probably already not feeling really well, because I just don't DO that! Here's the stack that covered my bed:
My favorite of all these was the one you see open--written by Molly Wizenburg, A Homemade Life. I love the WAY she writes about food and family and the experience of it all. I've said before in my blogging: food is just WHAT WE DO in my family. . . I think she understands that. It's a really good read. Funny, sad, amusing, and DELICIOUS. Wow. NOT for those on Weight Watchers! :)

Another book I'm particularly excited about(please remember that I am a recovering English major AND a homeschooling mama!). . .

OH. My. GOODNESS. What a gem.
I am so excited to begin this with my kids. I think it will be FUN. Revolutionary. HELPFUL.
In short, I think it just might work! yippeee!!!!
(Did I mention anything about bouncing off walls today?)

So, that's the update. . . from the warming swamps in dunlap-land. What have YOU been up to?
Leave a lovely comment and let me know!


Lynn said...

April, I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better! Yay! Isn't it exciting to think about spring? Enjoyed reading about your day--the co-op, the book suggestions (I am a recovering English major as well), and the arriving wildlife! Spring is in the air!! :) xoxo Lynn

PS -- Love that serious expression while working on the toolbox. LOL.

Michelle said...

Yes, hooray for spring!!! I've been under the weather the past few days as well, and it's been such a bummer. I'm dragging myself to the park anyway, because I just can't bring myself to not take the girls.

That is a perfect basket of goodies!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I too have the icks and just want to go to bed.

Sigh. A houseguest arrives today. :)

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

Your comment on unsocialized homeschoolers was so refreshing and true. It is not all roses and there is a rough period. Thanks for sharing that side of it. :)